Frequently asked questions

General and Support
Q. What is Settl. membership?
We don’t go by the term ‘tenant’ when you stay at Settl. you become a member. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and perspectives to feel at home.
Q. Do I commit when I visit the property?
We would love that, but no sweat. You don’t have to commit at all. Come, have a look, fall in love and decide for yourself.
Q. What will I find in my room/apartment?
We don’t want you to worry about anything. Be it a shared apartment or a private apartment, you will get a fully-furnished accommodation with high-quality furnishings, kitchen equipment, and utensils.
Q. Is Settl. Pet friendly?
Settl. is home to everybody. We would love to host your pet too, but only if you opt for a private room or apartment.
Q. How do I get in touch with the property manager?
For non-members who are interested or have any queries, we accept suggestions and words
Q. What type of community do I belong to?
Settl. Community is a hub of all things awesome. You will surround yourself with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. We will help you bond over Barbeque nights, movie nights, game nights, and a lot more. And we would love to see you host your neighbours too.
Q. What if there is an emergency?
Knowing our responsibilities as a host, we have curated a list of emergency contact numbers for you which will be available in the notice area. You can also drop your concerns on our mobile app Settl.Connect.
Payment and Terms
Q. Is my Booking amount refundable?
We’re sorry but once you’ve paid the booking amount it can’t be refunded.
Q. Will my deposit be refunded immediately?
The deposit amount will not be refunded immediately. However, after an audit, if there is no accident or damage cost incurred to you, your deposit will be refunded within 30 Bank Working Days of moving out.
Q. Is there any other charge apart from the rent?
This is the best part, you don’t have to pay for anything but rent, but this varies based on the city where the subscription is taken, refer the subscription document.
Q. On what date is the rent due?
We expect rentals by the 5th of every month.
Q. Is there a notice that I have to serve?
Yes, please do inform us a month prior to the date of move out via our mobile app Settl.Connect.
Q. Is there a lock-in period with the subscription?
Yes, the entire subscription tenure is the lock-in.
Coronavirus ( Covid-19 )
Q. How hygienic are these places?
We know hygiene is two-third of the health, so we make sure that you are in a safe haven. This is how we do it -
  • Mandatory use of Arogya Sethu App.
  • Touch-free food and e-commerce deliveries.
  • Regular cleaning of all common touchpoints.
  • Disinfected and clean rooms before you step in.
Q. What are the measures taken by the housekeeping staff?
We have diligent housekeeping staffs and a resident property manager for the convenience of our members. Hygiene and cleanliness being our priority leads up to -
  • Regular temperature checks of staff.
  • Use of Arogya Sethu App.
  • Use of mask when in common areas and shared spaces.
Q. What Government Guidelines are followed at Settl?
As per the Government guidelines, we work towards a hassle-free experience for our Settlrs. A few government guidelines that we swear by include -
  • Declaration of travel history before move-in.
  • Use of Arogya Sethu App for regular updates.
  • Sanitization of frequent touch points.
  • Disinfection of rooms before moving in.