Why Partner with Settl.

With a view to make living a comfortable experience for newbies in the city, we at Settl. bring like-minded people to have an ultimate co-living experience. If you’re someone who wants to lease out your property come join us and don’t Settl. for anything less.



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Why work with Settl.
We’re inspired by 'Bob the Builder.'
Yes, we truly are! We believe in delivering results through storm and thunder. Co-founded by people with a strong business acumen in Sales, marketing, operations and product domain, we understand the market well. We believe nothing is impossible. So no matter in which stage your building is, we will help you achieve higher returns.

How it works

Wanna get along? Join us in 4 simple steps:
Help us with your details.
Review our proposal and sign the contract.
Transform your property for our beloved Settlrs.
Track your property with our seamless online dashboard and start earning!

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