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Why Coliving For Couples is on the Rise?

Authored by : Settl. I 28 january 2021 I 15 min

Coliving for couples is ideal in Bangalore looking for the serviced units, flexible accommodation, and a community of like-minded people. In a city just like Bangalore, where there are huge opportunities and millennials are moving in every day, Settl. coliving is a highly preferred choice for couples especially because of the facilities and convenience provided.
Contrary to the popular belief, entering in the relationship does not mean that you will not feel lonely. It is normal for a person to crave the nurturing social circle, with your own friends and community we share together as a partner.
This is quite true when you are moving to a city like Bangalore. Putting yourself there & meeting new people can be a daunting task if you find things around you unfamiliar. Therefore, when any couple moves into Settl. coliving space, they are given a huge opportunity to connect with others in the most welcoming community of Settl.
Obviously, there are many more reasons why coliving for couples is on a rise. It will help them save on the costs, enjoy the freedom that the flexible lease brings, get rid of searching and buying furniture, as well as remove any burden of managing the household chores all alone.
In this post, we are going to explain how coliving space at Settl. is a better choice for couples in Bangalore, the benefits of living in our coliving rooms with your partner, as well as successfully integrating into our community with your partner.
First, let me help you understand why coliving is much better than staying in rented apartments.
Settl. is ideal coliving for couples who want complete flexibility & homes that are furnished, properly serviced, and managed by the professionals. The buildings generally operate on a plug-n-play model, which saves couples from any trouble of dealing with daily household chores or other burdens such as utility bills. Monthly rent generally includes several facilities and utilities like professional housekeeping, TV, Wi-Fi, laundry spaces, and much more.
Settl. coliving space maintains a perfect balance between the community spaces and private spaces. There are various events organized that you can interact with like-minded people or get private spaces to spend some time alone. The community-led events like barbeque nights, yoga classes, story-telling events, movie events or pizza nights will prove refreshing for our residents.
At present, with the vast globalized workforce, many people are traveling & relocating frequently, because of which many people are cutting down on the costs. This can be the real concern for a live-in couples as well. Rentals charged by Settl. coliving spaces aren’t only affordable but inclusive of all added facilities. Lock-in periods for our coliving facility come with plenty of flexibility.
Well equipped with the world-class facilities and round-a-clock safety, Settl. coliving spaces are made to upgrade your living standard. There is a dedicated housekeeping team, with 24*7 CCTV surveillance.
Settl. coliving spaces offer two kinds of accommodation types:
  • shared rooms.
  • private rooms.
The shared rooms mean that you sleep in one room with another bed. They’re a perfect catalyst for the roommate bonding as it is often very simple to strike up the conversation with the people that you share a personal space with. Whereas it is a good option for a lot of people, it might not provide the privacy that the couples crave.
Settl. coliving for couples provides you with the privacy you need.
Many couples, thus, opt for a private room option since it gives them their personal space of their own. It allows couples to mix and socialize with other groups in a way they want, whereas having the place to retreat when they want some time alone.
There’re many different kinds of coliving communities at Settl. Some of the managed spaces are mainly geared towards the startups & young professionals, some attract creatives and artists, and we accept a range of crowd irrespective of their profession and specialty. On, you may easily scroll through our offerings at your preferred location in Bangalore and see what are the options available for you.
As there are many different community forms, Settl. coliving rooms vary on several benefits that they offer.
As a couple, when you choose what matters to you, it is simple we sort through the listings by price, facilities, and bedroom type to find an ideal match in your range.
Times have changed, and most millennials do not dream of a house with the white picket fence, which their parents wished to have. More, with the remote jobs & traveling for work has become more mainstream, mobility is a key. Now we will go ahead and check out all the benefits of living in Settl. coliving space as a couple, without wasting any time let us start:
Settl. coliving rooms are unmatched when it comes to the freedom and flexibility of our tenants. Whereas traditional leases are many times one year long & hard to break, but Settl. coliving spaces do not force you to go to the length of stay. So, literally you can move in/out whenever you want.
It is a big relief for couples who are not ready to settle in one place. Suppose you have got remote jobs, for instance, you may test out several cities and countries together and see how it feels. Suppose you like the location, then you may stay for however long you want. Or, conversely, you can move out after one week or one month if the vibe is not right.
There is nothing much better than walking in the fully furnished apartment, at Settl. we already have done all the hard work for you!
It is ideal for couples who are not ready to make any big purchases or do not want to get burdened with furniture and other luggage around each time they move. Fully furnished accommodations will save you plenty of time to shop for the household items as well as take away weight from your shoulders, literally & figuratively.
If you add the benefits included into your rental fee, Settl. coliving space is, on an average, much cheaper than choosing the traditional rent option. It is much cheaper than homeownership.
Not just it will save you a huge amount of money in the terms of the rental payments, however, it saves you on furniture, home and apartment upkeep, household appliances, and maintenance fees, and housekeeping services. As finances will be one big stressor in such a relationship, saving money at Settl. is one huge perk.
Sharing tasks with a household filled with people takes off the burden of delegating any cleanup tasks with your partner. Settl. coliving spaces provide professional house cleaning services in common areas with different schedules. So, living together in a shared space where everyone pitches in means the chores generally get done faster, this gives you time to relax and unwind with your partner and housemates.
Settl. coliving is not just couple-friendly, but it is full of advantages for the people in relationships. When you choose Setll. coliving space, couples will save time and money, reduce their stress, as well as enjoy an inspiring network.
Flexibility that Settl. coliving affords means couples will move from one place to another without any worry, and also cater easily to whatever lifestyle suits them the best.
All our properties in Bangalore are checked, and Settl. comprehensive booking system will make it rather simple to find what you are looking out for as one couple. Get ready to find an ideal coliving space together? Do not miss out on our listings now.
Thanks for reading!