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What is the Difference Between Coliving, PG & Hostel in Bangalore?

Authored by : Settl. I 24 september 2020 I 15 min

While India is growing higher with its population, the idea of sharing is the new way of living(Coliving). Across the country with the new migrant population, many find their share of living while depending on shared spaces. Such coliving spaces best suit working professionals, students, business travelers, and adventure-seeking enthusiasts. However, here comes some of the major differences among shared spaces in Bangalore.
Bangalore being the hub by attracting people all over the country for its economic growth, rise in educational sectors, and many other sectors. This leaves Bangalore with a majority of its people to share one roof among others, outside family and friends circle. In this article, we will help you choose the best kind of place to rest under a roof in Bangalore.
Here are some differences and highlights between paying guest accommodation (PG), hostel and coliving spaces in Bangalore. This discussion will help you understand the three different spaces, their benefits, and drawbacks to help you to determine the best pick for you. Let's find out the differences between Coliving, PG and Hostel.
What is Paying Guest Accommodation(PG) in Bangalore?
Paying Guest accommodation in Bangalore is a space that provides the ability for one to rent a section of a house under a small scale owner. The guest or the tenant is expected to pay some amount as his/her fees that cover basic amenities such as food, laundry, utilities, along with coverage of water and electricity bills.
Paying guest accommodation allows you to live on a larger shared unit, with the owner taking up all the responsibilities. In return, you receive your own private space with a rental agreement, a space that can be altered by you with lesser responsibilities.
PG Benefits:
  • Cost-Effective: For those who do not want to rent an entire space or a home, and if willing to keep it cheaper. PG accommodation in Bangalore suits best.
  • Easy Access to the Local Network: Since most of the PG accommodation in Bangalore is situated among the happening areas in the city. It is quick to find local networks for guidance on things to do or places to go.
  • Safety & Security: In such spaces like PG’s, you are always accompanied by guests just like you. So your safety and security lie in the hands of the people who you choose to live with. A strong number of people in an apartment will give you a sense of security and comfort.
PG Disadvantages:
  • Terms & Conditions are not Guaranteed: Since most of such promises are made by an individual, such conditions may be passed with zero guarantees. Before signing into paying guests accommodation in Bangalore it is best to analyze the amenities and their offers and to check if it is worth your fees.
  • Limited Flexibility: At such PG accommodations you are determined to sign a long term lease in order to stay. This might keep you restricted to one space for a very long time, curbing the freedom to explore.
  • Limited Freedom: If you choose to stay with a family or with a group that thinks unlike you. You will lose the ability to take control or miss doing things of your interests. This can include restriction in time, restriction in choices of food or faith, and curbing your freedom according to the social norms (This may vary on the basis of who you stay with).
  • Limited Perks: PG’s in Bangalore are mostly individual-oriented and are not managed by large-scale industries. Therefore, major perks like Wifi, inclusive of beneficial amenities, and basic itineraries will be allowed to be handled by yourself (This may vary on the choice of your owner).
What are Hostels in Bangalore?
Hostels in Bangalore are mainly occupied by students and part-time employees. Hostels in Bangalore are structured in a way, where most of the spaces and amenities are shared by various people. Rooms that are inclusive of the dorm-style beds are the main look for hostels. Hostels mainly function on shared spaces, including of sharing of beds and bathrooms that usually include a large number of people.
However, Hostels in Bangalore offer fewer amenities compared to what PG’s and hotels in Bangalore offer. Some of the major common places in hostels are shared among roommates, like the dining area, cooking area, and laundry area.
Unlike hotels and PG’s, hostels do not have maid services or room service, spas, gyms, restaurants, or business canters. They do, however, have shared spaces that are similar to dorms where students can have their fun time in a common area, or have some TV time or play video games, sit together and play board games, etc.
Hostel Benefits:
  • Cost-Effective: Hostels are cheaper and less affordable for students and part-time employees. Hostels are mostly pocket-friendly and less burdensome for an individual.
  • Easy Access to the Local Community: Hostel accommodations are mostly opted by the millennials or the younger generation. Hence, hostels in Bangalore are more favorable in allowing the young to explore various communities and networks. People who stay in the hostel will allow them to seek a good network and to form new social connections.
  • Basic Amenities Provided: Basic amenities will be provided according to the fees paid. Such amenities and itineraries may vary from hostel to hostel. Most of the hostels provide basics such as soap, laundry, Wi-Fi, housekeeping, and lockers, will be available.
Hostel Disadvantages:
  • It Can Get Noisy: Since these hostels rooms are layered with young blood people, there are high possibilities of experiencing silence in your period of stay.
  • Limited Privacy: Since Hostels are shared among a large group of people, one can miss out on their own quiet time and privacy. In a place like a hostel, most of the things are shared, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and other common areas. Therefore, hostels may not allow you to have your own private space when you need it amidst the chaos.
  • Limited Freedom: Hostels usually have time restrictions. You might not be allowed to enter a few hostels after a particular time. So partying late night with friends, or extended shopping hours must be curbed if you choose to stay in a hostel.
  • Less Hygienic: Hostel spaces can be unhealthy because of the outbreak of bugs and other unhygienic practices by various people. Since hostels take charge of different people’s accommodation and the allowance of common usage to many personal things, this might let you fall sick because of the unhygienic cycle.
What is the Coliving Space in Bangalore?
Coliving spaces in Bangalore are some of the ideal kind of way to live in. Coliving spaces allow you to experiences the best of PG, hostels, and hotels combined together. It is a mixture of all the good according to different spaces of sharing or renting areas. Coliving spaces are managed and categorized by large-scale corporates, and dwell deeply on business terms. These spaces are provided with fully furnished amenities, affordable accommodation, and a good time to stay with good influential people.
Coliving spaces in Bangalore allow you to be yourself, in experiencing the best for you. Residents enjoy access to free WiFi, streaming services, community events, a fully stocked kitchen, laundry services, basic amenities such as soap, toilet paper, and perishables, along with a gym, spa, pool, and coworking space (if the unit has them), and unparalleled networking opportunities.
With the very word “coliving” in Bangalore says it all, that one can enjoy to be free and live as they wish to. Unlike hostels and PG’s one can only enjoy their stay as guests. But with Coliving in Bangalore, anybody and everybody can only live to the fullest by enjoying their stay and feel at home. All of this will come to your best with the services provided by Settl. Settl. Is more than a coliving space, that will allow you to live each moment of life, and let you feel at home not as a guest, but as a family.
Why is Coliving with Settl. a Better Choice in Bangalore?
If you are looking for fully-furnished apartments in Bangalore. Then Settl. is here at your rescue. With no doubt, Settl is the ideal coliving in Bangalore, with affordable prices, situated in the most happening places in Bangalore. At Settl. we offer the best prices and stay, allowing you to enjoy and live to the fullest. Some of the benefits one can experience under Settl. coliving spaces are:
  • Pocket-Friendly: With the ample benefits Settl. provides, its charges are very pocket friendly and very affordable for students and working professionals.
  • An Inspiring Network: A stay with Settl. will allow you to mingle and explore like-minded people. Leaving you with good influence by sharing opportunities ad responsibilities.
  • Innumerous Perks: With Settl. one can experience various benefits like no restriction of time, with none curbing your freedom of choice. We also provide incredible amenities, by providing properties that are fully-furnished apartments in Bangalore. Settl. also provides incredible lounge spaces, with an intact chilling area and working spaces. Some of the other welcoming spaces are a library, common theatre, gaming zones, gym, and spa areas. In terms of amenities, and itineraries leave it to Settl. for it provides the best to its residents.
  • Hygiene: With the pandemic situation as this, Settl. provides a high level of cleanliness, offering a comfortable stay with any sense of uncleanliness coming your way. We have house cleaning services to clean every nook and corner of the apartment, also with laundry services.
  • Privacy- One of the unsettling flaws of PGs and hostels is the lack of privacy for you. At Settl. we value your personal space and work towards making it a comfortable home.
Now, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away to get the ideal Coliving space in Bangalore. Settl. is aesthetically designed for you, considering your tastes and interests by offering all that it takes to make you feel at home. The choice is your to choose between Coliving and PG or Hostel and Coliving.
Written by: Magaret Preethi Yesudass
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