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Authored by : Settl. I 17 june 2023 I 15 min

Gurugram, a bustling city outside of New Delhi, the capital of India, is well known for its fast-paced way of life and strong business culture. One may find respite in the city's thriving café culture amid the busy streets and imposing towers. Gurugram has something for everyone, from cosy corners that provide a break from the daily grind to hip hangouts that appeal to the discriminating coffee aficionado. The best 10 cafés in Gurugram, where you can relax, indulge in delectable snacks, and savour the ideal balance of coffee and atmosphere, will be explored in this article.
1. Café Wanderlust
Café Wanderlust, located in the centre of Gurugram, has a homely appeal that makes you think you're at a little café in Europe. The café's charming interior design, complete with old items and abundant foliage, provides a welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy their famous espresso-based drinks while reading a nice book from their carefully selected selection. Café Wanderlust is a must-visit for any coffee fan thanks to its friendly service and mouth watering menu options.
2. Di Ghent Café
Di Ghent Café is an undiscovered gem for anyone looking for a genuine flavour of Belgium. With its delicious waffles, savoury crepes, and fragrant coffee blends, this lovely café provides a taste of Belgium to Gurugram. The café's relaxed environment, which has a European bistro feel to it, is ideal for a leisurely breakfast or a friendly catch-up with friends. For a decadent indulgence that will leave your taste buds begging for more, try their Belgian hot chocolate.
3. Choko La
Choko La is a heaven you cannot afford to miss if you have a sweet craving. This café, known for its handcrafted chocolates, combines the expertise of producing chocolate with a luxurious café experience. Choko La provides its customers with a broad variety of cocoa-infused treats, from creamy hot chocolates to velvety truffle cakes. The refined atmosphere and first-rate service make it the perfect location for a lavish afternoon tea or an opulent dessert event.
4. The Coffee Bond
The Coffee Bond is a refuge for coffee lovers, hidden away in a peaceful area of Gurugram. To make sure that every cup is a sensory treat, this specialty coffee shop takes care in procuring top beans from all around the world. The café's uncluttered interior and laid-back atmosphere provide it the perfect setting to enjoy your favourite drink. The Coffee Bond guarantees an amazing coffee experience that will stimulate your senses, whether you want a traditional cappuccino or a cutting-edge pour-over.
5. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar
Visit Perch Wine & Coffee Bar for a fusion of two popular drinks, where the worlds of wine and coffee collide. A wide variety of single-origin coffees are available here, along with an exceptional wine collection. Perch is a great place for an elegant and relaxing evening because of its modern architecture and expansive city views. Try one of their superb coffee-infused drinks for a fascinating combination of flavours that will amaze you.
6. Roots Café
The Roots Café is a secret haven that promotes organic food and sustainable living. It is tucked away in a lovely green setting. This café offers a guilt-free dining experience with an emphasis on locally produced products and environmentally sustainable practices. Every item on the menu at Roots Café displays their dedication to health and fitness, from filling smoothie bowls to freshly brewed herbal teas. Enjoy their healthy treats and a moment of peace while immersing yourself in the serene atmosphere.
7. Ivy & Bean
Ivy & Bean is a quaint small café that radiates warmth and cosiness and is a wonderful haven for coffee enthusiasts. You are invited to unwind and enjoy a cup of the café's specialty coffee in its cosy environment, which is decorated with quirky accents and furnishings with a vintage feel. The decadent pastries and artisanal bread they make in-house blend wonderfully with the flavorful beers. Ivy & Bean is the perfect place to unwind and refresh, whether you're looking for a fast caffeine dose or a leisurely brunch
8. Jugmug Thela
Jugmug Thela, a charming wayside café that embodies old-world charm, lives up to its name. This café provides a distinctive fusion of nostalgia and modern flavours since it is set up like a typical Indian tea stand. Their cold lemonades offer relief from the sweltering summer heat, while their masala chai, served in rustic clay mugs, is a fan favourite. For a really unforgettable experience, pair your beverage with one of their delicious appetisers that are inspired by street food.
9. Cocktails & Conversations
Cocktails & Conversations is the ideal option for those seeking a café experience that lasts into the evening. With a wide selection of drinks and mocktails, this chic café seamlessly transforms into a lively bar as dusk falls. The modern decor, accented by a fully equipped bar, creates a welcoming environment for relaxing with friends. Enjoy their perfectly made drinks and the fun atmosphere that creates a great evening out.
10. The Grammar Room
The Grammar Room is a modern café that offers delicious meals in a laid-back atmosphere right in the centre of Gurugram thriving Cyber City. This café is a favourite with both residents and visitors because of its stylish and modern décor, which include colourful murals and cosy seating. The Grammar Room has a varied cuisine that pleases all palates, from their exquisite sandwiches and tasty salads to their sumptuous desserts. Whether you're searching for a big meal or a relaxed breakfast, our café guarantees a memorable eating experience.
The café culture in Gurugram provides a lovely respite from the rush of the city, with each café possessing its own special charm and gastronomic treats. These top 10 cafes in Gurugram, which range from Café Wanderlust's cosy atmosphere to Perch Wine & Coffee Bar's mix of coffee and wine, are proof of the city's rising love for fine coffee and delectable cuisine. These cafés therefore offer to provide a great experience that will leave you desiring more, whether you're a coffee aficionado, a dessert lover, or simply looking for a refuge to unwind. Take a lovely tour of Gurugram's café scene and let the ideal fusion of atmosphere and coffee transport you to a world of indulgence and relaxation.
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