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The Safest Indian Cities, Where Working Women Enjoy Utmost Security

Authored by : Settl. I 4 feb 2023 I 15 min

There is no doubt women should be selective about their workplaces. Even though they have won all hurdles in harsh socio-economic conditions, crimes are still relevant against working women in different cities. The decade-long crime records show that India has achieved immense progress in terms of women's freedom & scope of development, but only women can choose their careers with safety concerns. Here you will learn about smart cities, which offer ideal career opportunities and convenient safety. 
So, look at the list of the cities where you can always keep your head high with confidence and multi-tier security as a woman. Choosing the safest Indian cities will be good for you as you can follow your aspiring career goals without any creepy concerns about safety.
Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore, has many career opportunities along with high standards of convenient living accommodations. The development of ultra-modern infrastructure enhances the level of security in workplaces. So, without hesitation, you can move to Bangalore as the safest city for women in India. The surveys represent that women are comfortable moving to Bangalore for both higher education & professional achievements. The city police in Bangalore are highly responsible for maintaining the safety protocols in the IT parks and the surrounding post-residential areas. Besides, through Suraksha App & Vanitha Sahaya Vani, women in Bangalore can access the police helpline in any emergency.
Moreover, police administration in Bangalore is dedicated to providing utmost safety not only in the residential areas, where working women stay at paying guest accommodations but also in the posh lanes, where working migrants go to enjoy foods such as dosa, pasta, biryani, coffee and so much more.
The Indian city of dreams: Mumbai, also has its safety protocol to manage the high level of security so that working women can peacefully do their job without unwanted incidents. As one of the oldest commercial hubs in Mumbai, women get fantastic career opportunities to increase their financial assets. And along with the sky-scraping rental packages, Mumbai provides toughened security in both residential & commercial buildings. In Mumbai, women always get hassle-free accessibility to roads and lanes along with the cabs facility with top-notch security. The availability of shops & cabs in Mumbai at night eases working women's lives. Therefore, women in Mumbai can stay within working hours as they can quickly return late at night safely.
Among the safest cities in India, Kolkata is a well-known commercial hub where women always get a high level of security at the same time; they become busy completing their professional responsibilities in the late hours at night. Moreover, for two years, according to the National Crime Reports, Kolkata has been considered one of the safest cities in India. The working women can easily access the lanes, where they can avail themselves the tasty street foods from the stalls. So, the standard of security protocols in Kolkata never became a serious concern among working women. Therefore, young talents can opt for this city as one of the safest metro cities in India. The availability of hygienic foods & accessibility to public transport with top-notch security in Kolkata make this city a preferable place to achieve career goals.
Among the Top 10 safest states in India, Pune is another brilliant city in India. The lower rate of criminal activities & 24*7 standard security protocols make this city the best choice to spend a peaceful college life and a hectic professional life. The availability of a secured transport system in the whole town always makes women feel safe while they travel for corporate duties late at night. Moreover, women in Pune can also feel safe while they prefer pub hopping to reduce stress levels. Therefore, if you are in Pune and have a hectic professional schedule, you can enjoy late-night weekend parties at renowned pubs in this city without any concern for safety.
Among all the smart cities in India, Hyderabad is well-known for its standard of living & also lower crime rates. Renowned international schools and institutions surround the posh residential areas in Hyderabad. So, as a woman, if you prefer Hyderabad for your higher studies, you will enjoy gated community-driven accessibility. Alongside, low levels of pollution, higher employment possibilities & safe coliving accommodations attract the women to follow their aspiring professional goals. And while the matter comes to terms with security, the standard safety protocols in Hyderabad always ensure the quality of a peaceful lifestyle.
As a top-notch planned city, Chandigarh is one of India's Top 10 safest states. As a glorious cultural capital in India, young talents get particular scopes to develop their career with aspiring possibilities. As the third cleanest city in India, Pune also has technology-supported safety protocols for working women on streets and roads while they access public transport. So, being relocated to Chandigarh, you can fulfil your professional dreams with a peaceful lifestyle.
As one of the Safest Cities in India, Ahmedabad has a sturdy police patrolling culture to maintain the utmost safety in the whole city. In the evening, women consistently access public transport on the roads & lanes to reach their offices & houses. The regular police patrolling culture in the evening allows working women to walk in any street without fear. So, being an entrepreneur, you can be engaged at your regular work outside your home or rental accommodation at any time without any security concerns. 
Beyond the culture of Idli-Dosa & fairy tales of Rajnikanth, the rich South Indian culture has developed a stable & peaceful lifestyle in both commercial & residential areas. Flourishing architectural developments, the scopes of dance, drama & music in Chennai attract women to prefer this South Indian city for higher degrees and professional achievements. The standard security protocols in the paying guest accommodations & coliving apartments allow working women to stay safe in this South Indian commercial hub and reach their professional goals.
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