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The Comprehensive Guide To Choose A Studio Apartment Or 1BHK Apartment In Smart Cities

Authored by : Settl. I 20th December 2022 I 15 min

The rapid socio-economic changes, development of new technologies & redefined corporate cultures have emerged a group of skilled employees who move to any city to pacify the needs for professional development. And naturally, the single relocated working individuals require specific facilities at their rental living spaces as they can enjoy affordable but luxurious accommodations. In recent times, the evolving patterns of properties reflect much more functionality & cost-efficiency. Hyderabad studio apartments are the ideal options for bachelor relocated professionals as they can access here cozy ambience at an affordable cost.
Now, look at the specialties of the trendy patterns of a studio apartment.
Why Studio Apartment Is An Excellent Choice For Working Professionals?
Are you familiar with the popular trends of studio apartments in India? As one of the most stylish living accommodations, studio apartments reflect a sophisticated appeal in society. Since the last two decades, the megacities, especially Mumbai real estate industry, has been adopted the modern structures of studio apartments to turn the space crunch into a profitable property development concept. Other smart cities have also developed new rental properties following the compact patterns of studio apartments to resolve the crisis of affordable abodes for working individuals.
Know The Specialities of Hyderabad Studio Apartments
The studio apartments are top-notch residential options for single-working individuals. The innovative configurations of living space, working space, dining space, and bedding space make a studio apartment a fascinating modern accommodation with all-in-one functionalities.
In common words, the entire structure of the studio apartment is developed in one large room with a separate interior, wall & door for the bathroom. So, a studio apartment reflects the ambience of one-room living. But you can enjoy each & every functionality of the living room, kitchen, dining space & sleeping space in this type of apartment.
Different patterns of studio apartments include a few specific interiors, such as wooden half-walls with in-built shelves and half-glass dividers to maintain the individuality of living, sleeping, dining & cooking functionalities. So, undoubtedly, single working professionals can opt for studio apartments in Hyderabad with essential privacy in their abode while attending to any guest. So, the tricky patterns & interiors of luxury studio apartments in Hyderabad ensure a comfortable lifestyle within the budget-friendly rental package.
The key USP of Hyderabad studio apartments lies in their rental affordability. While bachelor professionals or students compare the rental amount of traditional 1bhk apartments & studio apartments, they often want to stick to the budget-friendly rental options such as studio apartments.
How To Manage Privacy & Functionalities In A Studio Apartment?
While the relocated professionals opt for Studio apartments in Hyderabad for rent, they must want to enjoy a home-like ambience in their abode in a new city. And decoration style can turn a trendy studio apartment into an enjoyable cozy accommodation. 
1. Usage of Multifunctional Furniture
Suppose you invite a guest to your studio apartment without damaging your privacy. In that case, purchasing a sleeper sofa is always the best option, as you can leave your single bed to your guest and manage your sleep in the sleeper sofa. So, as a modern multifunctional piece of furniture, the sleeper sofa helps you comfy your all-in-one accommodation for your guest.
Besides, you can install a wall bed unit as it is an excellent option to save space. While you need to sleep, you only have to unfold it from the wall fixture, and your bed is ready. And after completing your sleep, you can again fold in the bed on the wall fixture with minimal effort, and then it looks like a cupboard from outside.
2. Acrylic Media Console: A Space-Saving Desk
If you want to maintain the clutter-free ambience of your living space in a studio apartment, then purchasing an acrylic media console is wise. The contemporary designs of acrylic TV stands can keep all your electronic devices & DVDs aligned. And while you manage all your devices in a safe corner of your studio apartment, it will increase the accessibility of the whole space. Besides, with an acrylic media console, you can fix your entertainment centre in the prettiest manner in your studio apartment.
3. Built-in shelves: A Perfect Storage Solution For Studio Apartment
Built-in shelves and open cubes are excellent options for storing your collections in an organized manner. As studio apartments provide minimal but luxurious living space, you can keep all the daily-used things in the cubes as you can access those easily. Besides, books are always an extra burden in a studio apartment as you have to keep the entire space cozy. But with built-in shelves, you can quickly sort out essential storage for your favourite books.
Is Studio Apartments Cheaper Than 1BHK Flats?
As a working professional, if you are finding one bhk apartment in Hyderabad, it will be best to take a studio apartment with affordable rental pricing. Because, in the studio apartment in Hyderabad, you will get maximum functionality and minimal design at a reasonable rental price. Sometimes, the rental package of studio apartments depends on transport, connectivity and proximity to commercial hubs.
So, all the discussed facts explain that studio apartments are always the optimal choice in terms of the availability of affordable but cozy accommodations. And the all-inclusive benefits of studio apartments lie in the budget-friendly rental package, minimal utility bills, and low maintenance expenses. So, people who live in modern studio apartments should install multifunctional furniture to increase space efficiency and accommodate guests with little tr
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