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Places To Enjoy Street Food In Bangalore, For Vegeterians & Non-vegetarians

Authored by : Settl. I 6th february 2023 I 15 min

As a rapidly booming IT hub in India, Bangalore is a dream city for young talents who want to pursue a successful career day by day. Bangalore is crowded with professional migrants who work in reputed MNCs & different corporate sectors. Therefore, the local eateries and food stalls represent colorful, healthy dishes for the corporate professionals & students, who stay co-living pg, top co-living spaces in Bangalore. Suppose you have plans to relocate to Bangalore to find promising career opportunities. In that case, you can be sure that in this city, you can adopt the corporate cultures quickly and also enjoy colorful & delicious street food in Bangalore.
You must be interested to know about the best street food in Bangalore. Suppose you want to enjoy the dazzling plethora of South Indian items and other non-veg delicacies. In that case, you must find the popular eateries in the surrounding area of your coliving pg or apartments. 
Here, you can go through the points which inform you about the maximum flavor of street food in Bangalore.
Mangalore Buns
Mangalore Bun comes with a soft & fluffy texture, a unique preparation of the Udupi region. The rich flavor of banana in Mangalore buns satisfies your sweet craving easily. As a specific local delicacy in Bangalore, Mangalore Buns are served with coconut chutney & South Indian sambar. If you have come from the other state of India, you must enjoy the yummy flavor of this local street food in Bangalore.
Popular Stall of Mangalore Buns:
Serpentine Road, Chetty’s Corner, Sirur Park, and Krishna Bhavan are well-known places where you can enjoy the genuine & authentic flavor of Mangalore Buns.
Dal Obbattu
As a popular local delicacy of the South Indian region - Mysore, Obbattu is a popular local delicacy in Bangalore. Local people call this food ‘Puran Poli’ or ‘Bobbatlu.’ The delicious Mysore delicacy is prepared with toor dal, flour, rava, jaggery & cardamom powder. In dazzling festivals such as Ugadi & Diwali, Dal Obbattu is a special delicacy served to the guests. The mouthwatering dal-obbattu must entertain your taste buds with sprinkled ghee on it. If you bring this food with the parcel, you can store it for two days at room temperature.
Popular Stall For Dal Obbattu:
In Malleshwaram, at Holige Mane, you will taste Dal Obbattu.
Idli, Vada, And Dosa
You must be familiar with the central South Indian breakfast - hot idlis, crispy dosas & soft vadas. In Bangalore, you can avail this delicious item at an affordable cost. So, students often prefer Idli, Vada, & Dosa as the best street food in Bangalore. Above all, these primary South Indian foods are available at any stall and satisfy your taste buds. You can order Idli, vada & dosa from the street stalls or the renowned outlets of Karnataka cuisines. So, always remember to keep these foods in the list of the most available street food in Bangalore.
Popular Stall For Idli, Vada, & Dosa
In Malleshwaram, Central Tiffin Room, Basavanagudi Brahmin’s Coffee Bar at VV Puram, you will get these South Indian foods.
Bhaji & Filter Kaapi
In the rainy season in Bangalore, you can enjoy a special crispy bhaji. All the famous food stalls on the roadside sell deep-fried & crunchy vegetable bhajis. The South Indian foodies love Bhaji & filter Kaapi to celebrate ‘Mausam.’
Popular Stalls For Bhaji
In Vijayanagar, Shivraj Bhaji Cart, JP Nagar, Basvaraj’s Bhaji Bandi, Koramangala, Pramod’s Jalebi & Bhajji, you will get the authentic taste of Bhaji.
Vada Pav
Vada Pav is a unique combination of the stuffed bun. The stuffing of vada inside sliced bun-bread is served with mouthwatering chutney. Suppose you are vegetarian, then in Bangalore. In that case, you can order the vegetarian version of Vada Pav, which is stuffed with veg vada & the non-vegetarian people can opt for the non-veg version of Vada Pav, which is stuffed with minced meat. The specialty of non-veg vada pav lies in its stuffing of spicy & yummy keema. So, vegetarians & non-vegetarians can enjoy the lip-smacking taste of Vada Pav, one of the famous street foods in Bangalore.
If you are in Bangalore, you can not resist your taste buds from trying another South Indian delicacy Uttapam. The combination of rice flour, tomato & sliced onion is quite similar to dosa, but Uttapam is softer than dosa. You can’t control the water in your mouth when you taste Uttapam with coconut chutney in roadside stalls. If you are looking for a healthy breakfast during busy office hours, then you can try Uttapam, a healthy street food in Bangalore.
Popular Stall For Uttapam
You can try the delicious Uttapam in Bangalore in Sai Sagar, Madurai Idly Shop, and Nandhana Palace.
Sandwich And Parantha
In the morning, students and working migrants prefer to take some filling & yummy food as they can also start a fresh morning by satisfying their taste buds & stomachs. Both sandwiches & paratha are the best street food in Bangalore. You can visit the reputed sandwich outlets in Bangalore, where you can opt for tasty & healthy variants of sandwiches. 
Even in the roadside food stalls in Bangalore, you will get delicious side dishes such as gobi-aloo with paranthas. Moreover, you can satisfy your taste buds in the fresh mornings with the parantha and, melting butter & tangy pickle. Both sandwiches & parantha are the most available late-night street foods in Bangalore.
Popular Stall For Sandwich & Paratha
In Jayanagar, Hari Super Sandwich Zone, Koramangala, Paratha Plaza, in Jayanagar Golmaal Paratha - all those places are famous for the most demanding paratha & sandwiches in Bangalore.
Kebabs & Rolls
The crunchy & soft rolls with the stuffing of grilled fresh kebabs are one of the top choices of street food in Bangalore. When you take bites on the wrapped rolls, the smell of grilled chicken will lose you in the heavenly taste of crunchy parathas. The unique taste of kebab rolls lies in the preparation of crunchy & soft parathas. In the roadside food stalls & authentic Karnataka food outlets, you can avail of chicken rolls, grilled tikka rolls, mutton rolls, and vegetable rolls at affordable prices. If you are highly conscious about your healthy diet, you can order to customize the preparation of kebab rolls. In the reputed roadside food stalls of Bangalore, they provide the requested roomali roti as the chicken or mutton kebabs wrapper. 
Popular Stalls For Kebab Rolls 
In Indiranagar, Khan Saheb & Chakum Chakum Calcutta, and Yeshwanthpur, Sha-E Darbar is the best place to avail of non-veg street food in Bangalore.
All the points explain that Bangalore is not only a booming IT hub but also it is a foodie’s heaven. So, you can enjoy the healthy, yummy, filling various platters in the roadside stalls in Bangalore. So, if you are staying in the co-living accommodations in Indiranagar, Electronic City, Jayanagar, and Koramangala, then don’t forget to try the unique street foods in Bangalore.
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