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Beat the Heat with a Frosty Adventure at Snow World Hyderabad

Authored by : Settl. I 15th November 2023 I 15 min

As temperatures soar in Hyderabad, the prospect of playing in soft, powdery snow seems like a far-fetched dream. Yet Snow World Hyderabad, India’s first indoor snow park, lets you experience sub-zero chill right in the heart of the city! At -5°C, Snow World is the ultimate destination to beat the brutal heat and humidity of Hyderabad summers. 
Enjoy sledding, tobogganing, snow basketball, and more frosty adventures across the park's 17000 sq ft snow-covered area. With reasonable ticket prices, flexible timings, and easy online booking, Snow World is a winter wonderland for visitors of all ages.
Snow-Packed Attractions at Snow World  Hyderabad 
Step into the wintry cold zone and gear up to enjoy a range of snow-filled activities:
Snow Slides – Whoosh down thrilling covered snow slides twisting and turning for over 130 feet. 
Snow Merry-Go-Round – Spin around this snow carousel seated on icy ridges as a winter wonderland blur flies past you.
Snow Mountain – Climb this giant snow mountain and slide speedily back down on tubes or just glide down the snowy slope. 
Snow Basketball – Dribble and shoot hoops on the snow-packed basketball court.
Snow Dancing – Bust out your best dance moves at the snow disco with groovy music.
Snow Play Area – Construct snowmen or start playful snowball fights in the main area perfect for frolicking in snow.
Snow Log Rides – Race family and friends downhill on these single and double snow log rides. 
Tobogganing – Zip down the custom-built Tobogganing slope and ride along the curves for icy fun. 
Ice Bumper Cars – Hop into bumper cars on ice for a slippery rollercoaster ride and winter bash ‘em ups.
Photo Studio – Capture frosty memories in fun poses against magical snow-filled backdrops.
This frosty indoor snow park lets you make the most of Hyderabad winters and beat the summer heat all year round!
Snow World’s Timings and Entry Fees  
Snow World is open from 10:30 AM to 8 PM on all days. Various combo packages and timings are available.
2 Hours Package - ₹825 per head on weekdays; ₹925 per head on weekends
3 Hours Package - ₹1,075 on weekdays; ₹1,175 on weekends
4 Hours Package - ₹1,275 on weekdays; ₹1,425 on weekends 
These packages include snow activities, winter gear, and locker rentals. Add-ons like snacks, photos, and rides cost extra. Book your preferred package online to avail of discounts of up to 20% on weekdays and 30% on weekends. 
Key Points for Visiting Snow World Hyderabad :
Wear socks and thermals under your outfits for warmth. Wardrobe and lockers are provided to store items.
  • Carry gloves, woolen caps, and goggles, or pick them up from the winter gear store.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your booked session to gear up for the snow zone. 
  • Photography and videography are allowed at an additional fee.
  • Outside food is prohibited but snacks and hot beverages are available within. 
  • Snow World, Hyderabad follows strict temperature checks, sanitization, and COVID-19 safety protocols for a hassle-free experience.
Exciting Snow World Combo Offers
  • Snow World Hyderabad offers great combo deals on packages bundled with other attractions like the Hyderabad Eye Ferris Wheel, Laser Show, and much more!
  • Snow World + Laser Show Package 
  • Snow World + Hyderabad Eye Package
  • Snow World + Hyderabad Eye + Laser Show Combo 
  • This combo promises you the best value to enjoy Hyderabad’s top attractions along with the icy-cool Snow World.
How to Book Snow World Hyderabad Tickets Online
Booking your Snow World Hyderabad tickets online in advance ensures a seamless experience. 
Follow these steps:
  • Visit the official website or buy from authorized booking partners. 
  • Select your preferred package and date to enter Snow World. 
  • Choose the session timings and a number of tickets required.
  • Provide essential contact details for all guests to generate the booking.
  • Make payment via credit/debit card, net banking, or e-wallet like PayTM. 
  • Receive your confirmed booking by email and SMS with a QR code.
  • Present the code at the entrance to scan and enter.
  • Online booking enables you to bypass ticket queues and head straight for the snowy fun. Do book in advance as weekends and holidays sell out fast.
  • Tips to Maximise Your Snow World Experience
Follow these pro tips for an epic day of icy excitement at Snow World Hyderabad:
  • Dress in layers with thermals, caps, and gloves to avoid feeling cold.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to gear up and avoid session delays. 
  • Keep your locker key, shoes, and socks safe when entering snow.
  • Experience key activities first before crowds peak.
  • Carry extra pairs of gloves and socks to change out if wet.
  • Take breaks outside the snow zone to warm up with hot drinks.
  • Capture memorable photos and selfies in the Photo Studio. 
  • Know your limits and don’t overexert in the cold snow zone.
Beat the heat, chill out with friends and family, or simply have a snowy blast at Snow World Hyderabad 
This unique snow park delivers winter magic all year round with exciting rides and activities across 17000 sq ft of icy terrain. 
Follow the tips, online booking process, and combo deals to enjoy the ultimate icy-cool experience!
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