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Posh Areas For Affordable Single Rooms in Hyderabad

Authored by : Settl. I 6th March 2023 I 15 min

The royal cultural influence of Nizams manifests a rich historical value in the city of pearls - Hyderabad. The glorious history is reflected in the Charminars & forts in Hyderabad. Beyond its prominent historical identity, Hyderabad has developed versatile industrial and IT infrastructure aspects. So, the Indian youngsters and professional crowd prefer Hyderabad as one of the smart cities to work and live an urban lifestyle. In recent times, in terms of convenient residential developments & employment, Hyderabad is in the top position. So, like other intelligent Indian cities, including Bangalore and Chennai, you can count Hyderabad as one of the fastest-developing intelligent cities in India.
Now while youngsters & relocated professionals start their life from scratch outside their hometowns, they must need affordable accommodations. But, in shared accommodations such as hostels and PGs, you can not enjoy privacy after a day's toil. In that case, they are looking for a single rented room in Hyderabad. After relocation, finding such a standard rental accommodation that is affordable & full of essential amenities is tough. 
So, the following discussion will help you to explore a single room in Hyderabad for rent.
What Are The Best Locations To Get Single Rooms for Rent in Hyderabad
If you are a relocated student or fresher, you must look for low-budget based single rooms in Hyderabad
1. Miyapur
For the bachelor, Miyapur is one of the best areas in Hyderabad, where you can avail of single-occupied rental properties on a low budget. In Miyapur, the relocated bachelor professionals quickly get rental accommodations between 6500-7000. Miyapur is also famous for the availability of hassle-free transport to reach the posh areas in the City of Pearls. The accessibility of Metro & ICBT in Miyapur eases the journeys of the students & professionals who have to attend regular classes & offices. If you are working bachelor's and want to settle down in Hyderabad, then you can choose Miyapur as one of the best locations for getting affordable single rooms in Hyderabad.
Regarding the availability of every social amenity, you can access hospitals, shopping malls, ATMs, and restaurants in Miyapur. So, the relocated bachelors get the utmost facilities to live a hassle-free urban life in the Miyapur area. If you plan to relocate to Hyderabad, then you can easily find a single room for rent in Hyderabad in the Miyapur location. Suppose you are an experienced professional & want to shift to Hyderabad. In that case, Miyapur is close to renowned educational institutions such as Sangamithra school and high-standard international schools such as Genesis.
2. Ameerpet
Both students & bachelors prefer Ameerpet to avail Single room for rent in Hyderabad. In terms of affordability, people easily avail 1bhk in Hyderabad within 8500 INR in Ameerpet. So, the relocated individuals choose Ameerpet to settle down for higher studies & professional growth. The famous computer learning center - C- DAC is one of the popular destinations for nationwide students who want to pursue a career in IT. Moreover, in Ameetpet, students enjoy flawless connectivity to the other pause locations of Hyderabad through TSRTC buses, Metro & trains. If you settle down in Ameerpet, you will enjoy the proximity to Begumpet railway station & Nature Cure Hospital Railway Station. So, consider Ameerpet one of the most affordable locations to settle in Hyderabad.
3. Uppal
As a pleasant location in East Hyderabad, Uppal is one of the preferable locations in Telangana capital for relocated professionals & students. Uppal is highly popular as a peaceful residential location in Pearls, where single rooms are available for rent for 6500 - 8000 INR per month. The specialty of Uppal as a convenient location is well-maintained parks & immense greenery, such as HUDA Park and Pedda Cheruvu. Besides the eco-friendly neighborhood, you will enjoy delicious foods in the authentic restaurants in Uppal. If you are new in Hyderabad, you can enjoy various traditional delicacies in Real Bawarchi & Gravity's Grand in Uppal. Moreover, you can enjoy the best recreational environment in famous malls such as Mahalaxmi Mall & Sree Hemadurga in Uppal. If you decide to settle down in Hyderabad, Uppal is one of the most convenient locations to rent rooms in Hyderabad.
4. Himayatnagar
As a posh residential area, Himayatnagar always offers affordable accommodations to the relocated students & professional individuals in Hyderabad. The bachelors must spend almost 8500 INR per month if they choose Himayatnagar to take a single room for rent in Hyderabad. The hassle-free urban lifestyle in Himayatnagar scopes outsiders & residents to access all essential social amenities such as shopping malls, educational academies, ATMs, restaurants, and so much more. The residents of Himayatnagar enjoy superb transport services via TSRTC throughout prime locations in Hyderabad.
5. Shamshabad
Shamshbad is one of the posh locations in Hyderabad for Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The students or freshers coming to Hyderabad to start their careers with limited finance should find a single room for rent in Shamshabad. Within a mid-low budget, you can find cozy single rooms in Shamshabad. The relocated individuals have to spend 8500-10000 monthly while settling in single rooms in this location. In terms of connectivity, Shamshabad has optimal transport facilities. So many students come here for higher studies at Symbiosis & Tata University. Authentic dine-out & lots of retail stores ease the daily life of the relocated people in Shamshabad.
6. Somajiguda
Suppose you are looking for an affordable single room for rent in Hyderabad. In that case, Somajiguda is one of the best locations, where you can enjoy superb transport to reach other prime locations of Hyderabad, including Begumpet, Khairatabad, and Punjagutta. So, as an affordable location, bachelors & professionals often prefer Somajiguda to settle down. If you want to get the top-notch facilities of social amenities in this area, you must consider a few prominent landmarks such as Yashoda Hospital and Park Hotels. Working individuals should find single rooms nearby these landmarks as they can access the rampant environment of authentic restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, ATMs, and so much more.
7. Manikonda
Monikonda has recently been developed as one of the prime commercial hubs in Hyderabad. So, if working professionals want to settle down in a single room for rent in Hyderabad, Manikonda always offers the best essential commuting options & social amenities. The affordable accommodations in Monikonda come within 9500-10000 INR per month.
The excellent connectivity options surrounding Monikonda ease the journey of the students & working people throughout corporate sectors in the prime locations of Hyderabad.
The whole discussion, make sure if you avail room in Hyderabad for rent, you have to be careful about choices of locations. You will find affordable housing accommodations with essential social amenities in
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