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Settl. Care — What precautions we are taking for COVID 19

Authored by : Settl. I 6 may 2021 I 15 min

It appears like an entire world is shut down or have reduced activities by the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Whereas the present situation is dynamic and unprecedented, still there are many ways we can face the challenge and make sure our tenants at Settl. stay healthy and fit. It is true for the offices but more true for the coliving spaces, and where many people have to shelter in place across the world. Let us look at the steps and precautions that Settl. Care is taking for COVID-19 outbreak:
Coliving Is a Safer Place During This Outbreak
At Settl. we are trying to do everything possible to keep our properties COVID free and maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Every member has got their private bedroom, fridge, and bathroom allowing for safe self-isolation in case needed. Shared spaces still are open but, with very strict protocol — and in line with the Government recommendation. Our onsite cleaners sanitize the whole communal spaces every day and our community manager is accessible 24/7 to help and deal with any kind of requests.
Why to Select Coliving During Such Global Crisis?
Comparing Settl. Coliving spaces to the traditional housing choices during such time, there are various benefits that our coliving will offer:
  • Support — Our support and management team is available 24/7 to help whether it is cleaning, maintenance, advice, well-being, or just any catch-up! We’re always there for our members every time you need!
  • Hygiene — With and without COVID Settl. provides daily cleaning and at times of COVID, we’re increasing our hygiene and cleanliness measures. Making our members focus more on what is important.
  • Mental well-being — It is a stressful time for a lot of us, fear and anxiety will affect every one of us. However, with Settl. you know you have the supportive network of the like-minded community, always there for one another day in and out.
  • Flexibility — In the uncertainty of what stays ahead, most of the people might not be much comfortable signing the long tenures. We provide flexible contracts so that members will have ease and peace of mind to know that they are totally free to leave the house with 1-month of notice.
  • Events — Even though we do not have any events in person right now. Settl. is working hard to provide a range of virtual activities, from quick catch-ups, Yoga, Quiz nights, movie masti, and more. All our community members are requested not just to participate but create their personal events too– you will never have any boring moment at Settl.!
  • All-inclusive — With several thoughts & worries to deal at present, our community members can relax a little knowing their monthly fee will cover all. We will take all your stress, so you do not have to worry!
What’s Settl. COVID Protocol?
With new policy and change in terms to ensure that we try to do everything to protect our community members, whereas keeping the level of service that they truly deserve. You will find the breakdown of certain steps and precautions we are taking during COVID-19:
  • Improved cleaning — We have given additional cleaning materials to our members, all along with continued cleaning of the communal areas daily by our on-site cleaning team. Communal spaces have got additional wipes, soaps, Sprays, and tissues for the members to sanitize their areas before and after use.
  • No guests — At Settl. our policy has changed with the Government's advice and though this will be tough for some, we think with our support network, still, our members can interact and belong to the proactive community.
  • Self-isolation — Members who are not well can self-isolate as per the government advice. For important needs, they may contact the management for any kind of support required.
  • Illness reporting — Suppose any member feels ill, they’re prompted to report our management at the earliest.
  • Prioritizing our issues — Our manager will carry out urgent works but may postpone not so important tasks until further notice. So, focusing on the ‘ well-being of our members is our main priority at the moment.
  • Member responsibility — With most of our teams working remotely, it is support from our members that will help to self-manage and support one another where possible. For more, we are just one click or call away.
  • Restricted member access — We’ve got a limited number of members in our communal spaces at a given time. It can help our members to abide by social distancing 2m as per Government guidance.
  • Events continue — The events can continue in a way they are as we think they are important during such time for all our members’ well-being. However, they are all virtual and allow for members past and present to join.
Final Thoughts
Even though these are the hard times faced by all of us, we think that the community of our members at Settl. has placed us in the strong position and overcome COVID-19 & bring the newfound strength & bound that can help our members community to grow further in coming weeks, months and years to follow.
Whereas at home during the lockdown period, we’re proud of all our members and want to take a minute to thank them for their continued support and positivity that they have shown from the starting of our Settl. coliving adventure.
Thanks for reading!