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The Prime Locations in Hyderabad, Where Professional Migrants Can Avail Cozy Accommodations

Authored by : Settl. I 15th December 2022 I 15 min

Today, while the matter comes to the point of evolving opportunities for employment, Hyderabad is considered a booming commercial hub in India. HITEC City in Hyderabad is one of the most popular retail hubs in the country. So, this township is developed with many industries, including Informatics, Bio-informatics, Health, Engineering etc. Therefore, for working professionals, Hyderabad comes on the top list when they plan to relocate to a smart city, where they can acquire incredible professional opportunities to revamp their careers.
Moreover, Hyderabad has become a prime location, where due to the booming IT corporate infrastructure, many multinational enterprises have settled their businesses. You will be happy to know that Hyderabad is the home of Cognizant, Microsoft, Infosys, Genpact etc.
All these reasons make Hyderabad a famous smart city in India with many SEZs(Special Economic Zones). So, to meet the residential requirements of the crowd of working professionals, realtors have developed well-infrastructured buildings throughout this smart city for the last two decades. So, the relocated professionals can easily avail of rental homes in Hyderabad like other metropolitan cities in India.
Now, look at the following discussion to know the prime locations where working professionals can easily find flats for rent in Hyderabad gated community.
1. Uppal
In the Eastern zone of Hyderabad, Uppal is a prime location, which is considered a popular & affordable choice for rented rooms in Hyderabad. Relocated professionals prefer to settle in Uppal as this township offers incredible professional opportunities as a prominent commercial hub. The proximity of Uppal to other residential locations such as Tarnaka & Pocharam makes it popular for decent neighbourhoods. Cosy infrastructure-driven residential accommodations make Uppal one of the ideal choices for an urban lifestyle. So, relocated bachelors prefer Uppal as an affordable location to find their flats for rent in Hyderabad gated community.
2. Somajiguda
Somajiguda is a prime location in Hyderabad, where so many VIPs keep their step to meet the Governor of Telangana. Somajiguda is rapidly evolving to be one of the excellent commercial hubs in the country. As realtors are developing substantial residential projects in this area, the newly relocated crowd quickly finds cosy accommodations, such as 2bhk flats for rent in Hyderabad. 
In simple words, this location is surrounded by urban residential apartments & buildings where the professional crowd can enjoy all the recreational amenities, including a health club, swimming pool, gym, fitness centre, badminton court, and so much more.
3. Miyapur
As a prominent location in 'Greater Hyderabad', Miyapur is well-known for its affordable residential accommodations. Despite having a tag of a rural village, the evolved infrastructures of a planned commercial area have developed Miyapur with many facilities, including the Metro Rail network. Miyapur is almost 14 miles from Hitech city, but it is an emerging township for the professional crowd looking for affordable rented rooms in Hyderabad.
4. Begumpet
If you are looking a convenient location to rent for flats in Hyderabad, you can turn your eyes to the prettiest locality - Begumpet in the North of Hussain Sagar Lake. This area is known by the name of Nizam's daughter - Basheer Unisa Begum. As Begumpet is counted as a posh locality in Hyderabad, you have to dig your pocket slightly deeply to bear the monthly expense of living here. But you must be happy to enjoy the ample corporate offices, recreational centres, and restaurants in the gated community.
5. Ameerpet
If you prefer to stay in the North-west side of Hyderabad, then Ameerpet is preferable for the young professional crown & students. The expense of urban lifestyles in the entire Ameerpet area is quite affordable. Besides, the residents of Ameerpet enjoy a seamless transport system to reach Begumpet & Banjara hills. Ameerpet is counted as the prominent educational hub in India, where young talents enjoy incredible academic opportunities to flourish in their bright future. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that as so many software training academies have grown in Ameerpet, realtors have also developed affordable urban accommodations for IT professionals.
6. Madhapur
The entire surrounding area of Madhapur is evolved a lot since the last decade. The exquisite infrastructure of IT parks & corporate culture turn Madhapur into a top choice for students & relocated professionals. Due to the renowned software companies, the heart of this area is termed a HITEC city. So, Madhapur is becoming one of the preferable choices to avail of flats for rent in the Hyderabad gated community at reasonable pricing. Madhapur's steady rise in population has motivated realtors to develop more urban residential buildings to accommodate the professional crowd.
7. Banjara Hills
Having a glorious heritage, Banjara hills is always a prime choice for realtors to develop modern accommodations. Almost 14 individual well-connected roads make Banjara Hills an attractive option for residential and commercial developments. The relocated crowd, who prefer coliving culture with all the latest amenities in the proximity to the best hang-out places, can avail of accommodations in Banjara Hills.
8. Kondapur
As a prime location in Ranga Reddy district, Kondapur is such an area where people easily avail rental accommodations within a low budget. Kondapur is in proximity to the structured IT parks of Hyderabad. The relocated professionals keep Kondapur at the top list of convenient living places in Hyderabad due to the corporate addresses of Google in this area. In terms of affordable housing & shopping centres, Kondapur always meets the expectations of professional immigrants. 
9. Manikonda
Being well-connected with Lanco Hills tech park, Manikonda has become one of Hyderabad's top choices for affordable living places. The students & young professionals always prefer to find rental flats in Manikonda as they want to find cosy accommodations near the commercial hubs. Regarding superb international connectivity, working professionals prefer this location for living as a posh area near Rajiv Gandhi International airport.
10. Shamshabad
Relocated people, who have to maintain journeys throughout the year, always prefer Shamshabad to avail of rented rooms in Hyderabad. As Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located in Shamshabad, people want to stay in this locality as they can avail of hassle-free journeys through flights. Moreover, the location of Tata University & Symbiosis in the centre zone of Shamshabad makes this area a top choice for young professionals & students.
The entire discussion has represented the minute details about the most preferred living areas in Hyderabad, where professional migrants can easily find their flats for rent in Hyderabad gated community.
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