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Pubs in Marathahalli

Authored by : Settl. I 23 july 2023 I 15 min

Bangalore, India's Marathahalli is a thriving district distinguished by its IT parks, shopping malls, and exciting nightlife. Marathahalli provides a wide selection of pubs and bars to accommodate all tastes and preferences. Here, we'll look at the top eight bars in Marathahalli that are well-liked by both locals and tourists. Please be aware that the data supplied is based on information that is currently known as of September 2021, and it is always a good idea to check the most recent revisions before visiting any establishment.
1. Toit Brewpub : 
Known throughout the Bangalore pub scene, Toit Brewpub is situated in Indiranagar, close to Marathahalli. This well-liked institution is renowned for its superb house-brewed artisan beers. With options for indoor and outdoor sitting, the pub provides a welcoming atmosphere. Toit offers an excellent selection of beers along with delectable pub fare like wood-fired pizzas, burgers, and finger foods. Toit is a must-visit for beer lovers because of its lively environment, outstanding beer, and delicious food.
2. Vapour Brewpub :
Vapour Brewpub is a hip establishment that includes a microbrewery, a pub, and a restaurant. It is located in the centre of Marathahalli. The establishment has a roomy interior, outside dining, and a lively atmosphere. A variety of handcrafted beers, including wheat beers, lagers, stouts, and more, are available at Vapour to satisfy a variety of preferences. Their meal selection is similarly remarkable and features both Indian and foreign cuisine. Vapour is a terrific place for a fun-filled evening because it also regularly has live music events.
3. The Pallet Brewhouse & Kitchen : 
The Pallet Brewhouse & Kitchen is a little brewpub with an inviting atmosphere that is situated in Marathahalli. This tavern is renowned for its distinctive craft beers, which are well produced. Everyone can find a beer they like at The Pallet, whether they favour silky stouts or hopped-up IPAs. Their menu offers a variety of foods from Indian and other world cuisines, including burgers, pizza, kebabs, and more. The welcoming personnel and rustic decor add to this establishment's charm.
4. Harry's Bar + Cafe :
A well-known bar chain with locations all throughout Bangalore, including one in Marathahalli, is Harry's Bar + Cafe. This laid-back tavern is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, extensive drink menu and mouthwatering bar snacks. Harry's offers a wide selection of drinks, including traditional cocktails, spirits, wines, and beers. Along with drinks, the bar offers a selection of appetisers, burgers, pizzas, and main courses. Harry's is a favourite among the younger generation due to its lively atmosphere and affordable costs.
5. Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill :
Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill is a sports-themed pub that provides a wonderful experience for sports enthusiasts. It is located in Marathahalli. Large televisions in the bar show live sporting events, giving patrons a fully immersive experience. The bar at Xtreme Sports Bar is well-stocked and serves a variety of drinks, such as beers, cocktails and mocktails. They provide a variety of appetisers, sizzlers, burgers, and other dishes on their menu. The Xtreme Sports Bar is the place to go if you want to watch a game while eating fantastic food and drinking delicious beverages.
6. Big Pitcher : 
Although it's not actually in Marathahalli, Big Pitcher deserves to be mentioned because it's a well-known spot for entertainment and nightlife. Big Pitcher, a multi-level bar and brewery on Old Airport Road, provides an amazing experience. This enormous establishment comprises several floors, each of which has a different concept, such as a nightclub, a brewpub, a karaoke room, etc. Along with a varied menu that includes Indian, Asian, and continental cuisine, Big Pitcher serves a large variety of beers, spirits, and cocktails.
7. The Irish House :
The Irish House is a well-known pub that provides an actual Irish pub experience. It is situated in the VR Bengaluru Mall in Whitefield. Although not located in Marathahalli itself, it is conveniently located nearby. The pub's hardwood woodwork and traditional decor give it a cosy Irish feel. They provide a wide selection of pub fare such burgers, fish & chips, and hearty Irish stews along with a comprehensive drink menu that features beers, whiskies, and cocktails. The Irish House frequently holds themed nights and live music performances, giving guests a fun atmosphere.
8. Sharaab Factory :
Sharaab Factory is a well-known pub and lounge in Marathahalli that mixes a lively atmosphere with top-notch drinks and live entertainment. The bar has a sizable inside space with chic furnishings and inviting seats. In order to satisfy a variety of preferences, Sharaab Factory provides a large assortment of spirits, cocktails, and mocktails. They provide a variety of Indian and continental meals on their menu, such as kebabs, biryanis, pizzas, and more. Sharaab Factory guarantees a fun night out with its upbeat music, fantastic beverages, and amazing food.
Visitors to the eight pubs in and around Marathahalli can expect a variety of experiences. These pubs are likely to provide you a good time whether you're a beer connoisseur, a sports fan, or someone searching for a dynamic atmosphere. It's crucial to remember that the pub sector is dynamic and that since the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, additional businesses may have opened. So, before making travel arrangements, make sure to verify the most recent information and reviews. Cheers!
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