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Pubs in Koramangala

Authored by : Settl. I 20th july 2023 I 15 min

The southern region of Bangalore, Koramangala, is renowned for its thriving pub scene and nightlife. Here are a few of the top bars in Koramangala out of the many alternatives available:
1. Toit : 
One of Bangalore's most well-liked pubs, Toit offers a fantastic atmosphere with a rustic flavour. It is renowned for its superb wood-fired pizzas and artisan beers. The bar is a favourite hangout for groups of friends and beer connoisseurs due to its lively environment.
2. Social Offline :
Social Offline is a hip and energetic tavern known for its varied design and original idea. It is the perfect location for both work and play since it incorporates a co-working space, a cafe, and a bar. The pub offers a vast selection of beverages, delectable fare, and frequently hosts live shows and events.
3. The Black Pearl : 
The Black Pearl stands out as one of Koramangala's most distinctive pubs thanks to its pirate-themed decor. It offers a huge selection of beers, spirits, and cocktails. The bar also offers its customers a fun time with theme evenings, karaoke nights, and live music performances.
4. Gilly's Restobar : 
A favourite among the younger population is Gilly's Restobar. With a dance floor and live DJ performances, it boasts a lively atmosphere. Along with a variety of delectable finger foods, the pub offers a wonderful selection of drinks, including mocktails and cocktails.
5. Tipsy Bull : 
The Bar Exchange is an exciting pub for individuals who appreciate a vibrant atmosphere. It is renowned for its distinctive pricing structure. Like a stock market, the price of the drinks fluctuates in response to demand. The pub serves a delectable menu of international cuisines together with a large selection of drinks, including beers, cocktails, and spirits.
6. The Local : 
The Local is a warm, welcoming bar that serves a variety of craft alcoholic beverages, including beers, spirits, and cocktails. It is the ideal location for informal gatherings and chats because of its cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The bar also offers mouthwatering pub fare like burgers, fries, and snacks.
7. Harry's Bar + Cafe : 
Harry's Bar + Cafe is a well-liked network of taverns noted for its relaxed ambiance and wide-ranging food. There is a large variety of beverages available, including beers, wines, and cocktails. The pub also offers a wide selection of food, including Asian and European fare, making it a fantastic place to spend a laid-back evening with friends.
8. Prost Brew Pub :
Prost Brew Pub is a microbrewery with a sizable outside seating area that is ideal for taking advantage of Bangalore's lovely weather. It provides a selection of artisan lagers, ales, and stouts. The bar is a great option for both food and beer lovers because it delivers amazing dishes.
9. 1522 - The Pub : 
1522 - The Pub is renowned for its jovial atmosphere and broad bar menu. Along with a vast selection of delectable food, it offers a large variety of spirits, beers, and cocktails. The pub frequently holds DJ nights and live music performances, which gives customers a fun environment.
10. Hangover : 
A well-liked tavern and lounge in Koramangala, Hangover is renowned for its exciting nightlife and live music events. It provides a selection of drinks, including traditional cocktails and cutting-edge concoctions. The pub offers a full dining and entertainment experience by serving delectable multi-cuisine dishes.
These are just a few of the top bars in Koramangala that have a fun atmosphere as well as fantastic beverages and delectable food. The pubs in Bangalore are certain to offer a pleasurable experience for anyone seeking craft beer, cocktails, or live entertainment.
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