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Places To Visit In Koramangala

Authored by : Settl. I 20 april 2023 I 15 min

Koramangala is one of the most vibrant and bustling neighbourhoods in Bangalore. This place is quite famous for its nightlife with all the popular clubs and bars around. So whether you are looking for some places to visit with your friends for partying or planning a date with your significant other, this place holds it all. We are not even exaggerating but there is n number of places to explore in the Koramangala itself, a day is definitely not enough. So to help you decide from a plethora of options, we have curated a list of some of the best places that you can visit with your friends in Koramangala.
 And why are we putting the effort to do it for you? Because we at Settl believe in making your city life effortless ;).
1. Koramangala Indoor Stadium 
After sticking to your desk for five or maybe six days a week, it can be refreshing to get engaged in something sporty. Koramangala Indoor Stadium is run by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and is open for the public to play sports and attend various events hosted here. This place includes an indoor badminton court, basketball court, table tennis and a fitness centre which you can access by paying a nominal fee. Whether you want to play or just relax, this place has something to offer for everyone.
2. Koramangala Social
Wherever you go, Social hasn't learnt to disappoint. With its quirky menu descriptions and amazing theme, Social at Koramangala is there to make your evening fun. The food is delicious. If you are planning to visit don't forget to sip on their LIIT. This place is not only great for having fun with your friends but also for a nice date evening. Social also hosts several events like live music, game nights, etc. so there is always a scope for meeting more fun people. 
3. Breakout Escape Rooms
Bored of visiting the same cafes and restaurants? So why not solve a mystery this weekend by visiting Breakout Escape Rooms. There are several escape rooms here with different themes and storylines. You need a minimum of two people to visit them. Don’t be afraid, if you are doing it for the first time. They have different levels from easy to expert for both beginners and experienced. Overall, it is really fun and challenging to visit an escape room and put your Sherlock skills to the test.
4. Laser Castle
Laser Castle is a popular destination for all laser tag enthusiasts in Koramangala. They offer laser tag games covering different themes like jungle, war, space, etc. This place is designed to give an interactive experience to the players, they have also built different obstacles and shields to help players cover. Each theme is quite good and offers you an immersive experience. This place is equally fun for children and adults. This place is also great for hosting birthday and corporate parties. 
5. Blu O Rhythm & Bowl
Wanna bowl and vibe on rhymes, then Blu O Rhythm & Bowl is the place. This is a fun place with many other arcade games including bowling. They have several lanes for bowling to choose from. This place also has a restaurant and a bar, in case you want to have some food and drinks after winning ;). They are not limited to games only, they keep hosting live music performances, inviting various national and international artists to create a vibe you can’t afford to miss.
6. Skyye Lounge
We suggest you visit this place in the evening. Skyye Lounge is one of the best rooftop lounges located in Koramangala. This a great place to stare at the twinkling city while enjoying the evening breeze and of course a few drinks. The decor is chic which will definitely make you go crazy. They keep hosting DJ nights, live performances, etc. regularly. Coming to food and drinks, they have amazing options in cocktails, wines and beer. The food menu also offers a great variety and is a delight to your taste buds. 
7. Forum Mall
Shopping is the best form of therapy sometimes, so head over to Forum Mall if you are in Koramangala. Forum Mall is one of the largest malls in Bengaluru, hosting more than 100 stores. From fashion stores to electronic gadgets, you will find everything here. There are also many entertainment options including a multiplex hall and various arcades for gaming. After shopping head over to the food court, because they host some of the popular restaurants serving delicious cuisines.
8. Hole In The Wall Cafe
If you want some aesthetically pleasing pictures for your Instagram feed and a yummy breakfast then Hole In the Wall Cafe is the place. This place is perfect to get some sun-kissed pictures because there is plenty of natural light inside the cafe. They are well known for the variety of tea and coffee they offer. They have beautiful decor featuring vintage elements. They also offer high-speed internet, so you can do your work while sipping on their hot coffee. You can also sit here and enjoy your favourite book while feeling like the main character of your life. The food is also delicious. 
10. Flight 4 Fantasy
Are you too a fan of virtual reality? Then Flight 4 Fantasy is for you to immerse yourself in a virtual experience of flying a plane without leaving the ground. You can choose your own flying experience by choosing among commercial flights, jet planes and even a space shuttle. You can also choose the scenarios and difficulty levels. It offers an experience feeling like real controllers and visuals. Before taking over, you are briefed on the use of controls and how to operate them. Overall, it is a fun place to spend a weekend. After your little adventure, you can also treat yourself to a little cafe they host. 
We hope this list will help you in deciding from a plethora of options and have an amazing weekend with your friends and family.
Thanks for reading!