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Pet Friendly Cafes in Bangalore

Authored by : Settl. I 3 july 2023 I 15 min

Bangalore, dubbed the "Silicon Valley of India," is a bustling metropolis populated by animal lovers. Pet-friendly cafes offer the ideal setting for people who want to have a meal or a cup of coffee with their furry friends. Here, we list the top 10 pet-friendly cafes in Bangalore so that you may chill with your four-legged companion.
1. TherPUP Cafe
This Indiranagar establishment provides a pleasurable experience for both pets and their owners. This roomy cafe has a designated dog park and a pet-friendly outside seating area where your four-legged buddy can socialise while you indulge in a variety of delectable foods and beverages.
2. Cuppa Bistro :
Located in Koramangala, Cuppa Bistro is well-known for its cosy atmosphere and pet-friendly setting. The cafe features a cute outdoor setup where your pets may sit with you. To make sure your furry friends have a good time, they also provide a selection of pet-friendly goodies and water basins.
3. Café Pawsome :
Café Pawsome is a paradise for pet owners and is located in Jayanagar. This cafe is the ideal place to unwind with your pets because it offers a cuisine that is pet-friendly and has a lively outdoor dining area. Even pet-themed events and activities are held there to amuse you and your animal companion.
4. The Hole in the Wall Café :
The Hole in the Wall Café is a secluded eatery in Koramangala that is renowned for its welcoming environment and pet-friendly regulations. They offer a cuisine specifically for pets and a safe outdoor seating area where your pets are welcome to wander. The rustic beauty of the cafe enhances its allure.
5. Matteo Coffea :
In Indiranagar, Matteo Coffea is a well-known pet-welcoming cafe with a stylish design and a welcoming outside area. Along with a varied menu for humans, this cafe offers a variety of delicious goodies for animals. The crew is renowned for treating pets and their owners with great hospitality.
6. The Black Rabbit :
The Black Rabbit is a hip gastropub with a pet-friendly outside area that is located in Koramangala. They provide a delicious choice of food and drinks to satisfy both you and your pet. It is a favourite among pet owners because of the lively atmosphere and live music.
7. Red Fork :
Red Fork is a pet-friendly cafe with a focus on organic, healthy food that is situated in Ulsoor. The cafe has a sizable outside seating area where your pets can socialise with other animals of the same species. The menu offers vegan and gluten-free alternatives to accommodate a variety of dietary needs.
8. The Doggie Diner :
The Doggie Diner is a restaurant in Indiranagar that caters solely to people who own pets, living up to its name. An covered outside space with separate areas for little and large dogs is available at this pet-friendly cafe. They provide a sizable menu for both people and animals, making sure that everyone has a special dining experience.
9. Mudpipe Cafe : 
Located in Cooke Town, this pet-friendly sanctuary offers a peaceful retreat from the busy city. This cafe provides pets and their owners with a tranquil setting in its gorgeous garden. They offer a delicious selection of food, including goodies for animals.
10. The Permit Room :
The Permit Room is a pet-friendly cafe on Lavelle Road that's well-known for its comforting environment and South Indian cuisine. In the cafe's outside seating area, pets are permitted. Here, you may savour classic flavours while spending quality time with your beloved companion.
In Bangalore's pet-friendly cafes, you can spend quality time with your pets while savouring delectable food and beverages. These cafes offer a welcoming environment for both pets and their owners, from special pet menus to roomy outside seating areas. Discover these top 10 pet-friendly cafes in Bangalore, whether you're a
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