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Luxurious Malls In Bangalore, Where Shopaholics Love To Spend Pastime

Authored by : Settl. I 4th January I 15 min

People love spending their favorite pastimes in malls in a metropolitan city. Even kids get lots of space to try innovative games in malls. So, in shopping malls, both kids & parents both can enjoy their the best recreation time with friends. Most of the malls in Bangalore city have glamorous theater halls where couples and other people love to enjoy movies. The malls in Bangalore have become the hottest place to take a group selfie with friends & families.
So, the young students, who stay in hostels or paying guest accommodations, can explore unlimited funs with recreational activities in the biggest malls in Bangalore with roomies to say goodbye to boredom. The working professionals who stay far away from family in Bangalore can enjoy yummy & delicious meals to nurture their cravings. In the biggest malls in Bangalore, people can explore the charm of trendy and glamorous lifestyles like western countries. Moreover, malls in Bangalore are exotic places where people love to be familiar with cosmopolitan art & culture. Therefore, both students & working professionals love to chill with a movie with a group of friends on the weekends in the best malls in Bangalore.
Simply put, malls in Bangalore are fantastic places where people can access good social life, have fun with friends, and watch new movies under a single roof. 
The following points make you familiar with the best & popular list of malls in Bangalore.
1. Orion Mall, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore
With top-notch & glamorous interiors, Orion Mall is an exotic place for youngsters in Bangalore. Students often enter its perfectly managed food court to satisfy their craving for mind-blowing delicacies. If you are a shopaholic, you can access branded garments, including Vero Moda, ED Gardy, Van Huesen, and so much more. So, it is believed that fashion lovers in Orion Mall in Bangalore always get superb collections to satisfy their hunt for exclusive designs and color combinations. The well-designed cafes in Orion mall make you stunned, and the warm hospitality in cafes wins the heart of people. Above all, the lakeside avenue of Orion mall makes it one of the hottest destinations to take a selfie with friends and family members in a fun time. 
2. Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Road
People who stay near Bannerghatta road can easily collect the latest household appliances and materials from Royal Meenakshi mall. So, not only do people come here to hunt the new collections of fashion brands, including Shopperstop & MotherEarth, but also, as one of the best malls in Bangalore, it welcomes the customers to enjoy delicious platters in superb dining ambiance. So, people love to enjoy yummy dishes after picking the exclusive collections of their favorite brands in Royal Meenakshi Mall. Above all, people love to explore unlimited fun in Royal Meenakshi Mall while they keep their steps in Adventure Land 6D Dark House here. If you want to spend a superb weekend in Bangalore, you can visit Royal Meenakshi Mall with friends.
3. Gopalan Mall, Bannerghatta Road
The stunning interiors & ambiance of Gopalan mall always attract people to spend quality time with friends. All the exotic recreational facilities & superb dining options in Gopalan mall help people to sort out their pastime after the toils of weekdays. As people can access both local & international brands, they love to pick their festive or formal wear among the new arrival collections in this mall. Gaming zones in Gopalan Mall always mesmerize the children. The top-notch ambiance of multiplexes in Gopalan Mall attracts working couples who love to enjoy movies the weekend after their weekday toil in corporate sectors.
4. Mantri Square, Malleswaram
In Malleswaram, Mantri Square is one of the biggest malls in Bangalore. With almost 10,000 retail outlets with a variety of local & international brands, this cosmopolitan zone always attracts the shopaholic crowd to pick their favorite ones in this mall. If you are looking for exotic entertainment options, don’t hesitate to enter the Inox Multiplex in Mantri Square. Above all, the enchanting gaming center Amoeba in Mantri Square allows people unlimited fun. Its exotic ambiance makes this place one of the must-visiting malls in Bangalore. 
5. The Forum, Kormangala
The people, who stay in Bangalore, love to visit The Forum mall in Bangalore. Due to the beautiful interiors & ambiance, this mall is always overcrowded by families, kids, college students, couples, and working migrants. The relocated migrants, who stay in Koramangala, love to enjoy their pastime in this mall to enjoy enchanting experiences of shopping, fun, dining, and warm get together. Five-floored the Forum mall accommodates famous international brands such as Rattrap, Calvin, Benetton, etc. So, in every way, the Forum mall is a hot destination for cafes, restaurants, fashion stores, peaceful dining, and so much more.
6. Phoenix Market City, Whitefield
As the biggest mall in Bangalore, Phoenix Market city is a hot destination for shopping lovers. In Whitefield, at Mahadevapra, the young crowd explores the fun and charm of shopping in this mall. Moreover, multiple events, including musical concerts, paintings, and live shows, are hosted in this mall. 
7. Bangalore Central, Jayanagar
In the Jayanagar area in Bangalore, Central Mall is one of the hottest destinations for the shopaholic crowd in Bangalore. Almost 1000 renowned brands of fashion & apparel products scope the shopping lovers to collect their favorite ones with reasonable offers & discounts. Moreover, people love to enjoy the prettiest ambiance of restaurants, eateries, and cafes in this mall to enjoy with family & friends. 
8. The Collection UB City
As one of the finest luxurious malls in India, UB City mall represents all the classy brands as people can access their fashionable dresses & apparel. If you enter UB City mall on Vittal Malaya Road, you can enjoy the classy choices of louis Vuitton, Burberry, Rolex, etc. You can access almost 40 international brands to turn your lifestyle into a glamorous one. Moreover, renowned & popular international cuisines such as Sanchez, Shiro, and Skyee will satisfy your cravings with exotic options.
9. Garuda Mall, Magrath Road
As one of the biggest malls in Bangalore, Garuda mall represents all the classy collections of beauty products, clothes, footwear, enchanting food, etc. Moreover, you can access the wide variety of dresses in Levis, Westside, and 21 other famous international brands.
The discussions here make you familiar with the exotic options of recreation and classy shopping in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. If you are new in Bangalore, all the points help you enjoy the spine-chilling ambiance in these malls in silicon vall
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