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Location is everything when it comes to choosing a PG near your office

Authored by : Settl. I 31 August 2023 I 15 min

Location, as often emphasized in real estate, is paramount. When choosing a Paying Guest (PG) accommodation, especially if it's near your workplace, this mantra rings particularly true. This beginner's guide will walk you through the many facets that underscore the importance of this choice.
1. Accessibility and Transportation: Seamless Commutes to Work: Making the Daily Hustle More Manageable
One of the most immediate factors to consider for office proximity in PG selection is the daily commute. Ideally, the distance between the PG and the office should be short enough to:
  • Minimize transportation costs.
  • Reduce the stress and time of traveling.
  • Provide multiple modes of transport, ensuring you're never stranded due to unforeseen circumstances.
2. Work-Life Balance & The Tangible Benefits of Living Close to Work: More Time for Yourself, Less Time on the Road
Living in a PG near your office has several benefits:
  • Time-Saving: The reduction in commute time can significantly boost your daily productivity, allowing for more personal or relaxation time.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While the cost of choosing a PG near the office might be slightly higher, the savings on transportation can be substantial in the long run.
  • Emergencies and Flexibility: Being close to your workplace provides flexibility. If you forget an important document or need to work late, the proximity is invaluable.
3. Amenities, Safety, and the Ideal PG Environment: It's Not Just About the Distance; It's About Quality of Life
A PG's location near the office is beneficial, but it should also be:
  • Safe and Secure: Ensure the neighborhood prioritizes safety. Check for security features in the PG itself, like surveillance cameras and guard patrols.
  • Amenity-rich: Look for PGs that offer good facilities, from fast internet to a well-equipped kitchen.
  • Proximity to Essentials: Apart from the office, ensure that the PG is close to basic facilities like grocery stores, medical establishments, and, importantly, food and entertainment options. A neighborhood analysis for PG selection near the workplace will assist in this regard.
4. Making the Right Choice: Evaluating All Location-based Factors: A Checklist for the Perfect PG Near the Office
When making a decision, consider:
  • Transport Options: Are there office-centric PGs with good public transport networks nearby?
  • Cost Analysis: Will the convenience of location offset potential higher rents or additional costs?
  • Surroundings: Is the PG in a peaceful environment conducive to relaxation after work?
  • Feedback: Sometimes, reviews and feedback from current or past residents can offer deep insights.
In conclusion, the importance of location in choosing a PG near the office cannot be stressed enough. It not only enhances work-life balance but, over time, proves to be an econom
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