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It Parks In Hyderabad

Authored by : Settl. I 10 march 2023 I 15 min

Hyderabad - the new favourite city of millennials is not only known for Biryani and its vibrant culture and history but has now become one of the prominent IT hubs of India. Hyderabad is the home to many famous IT parks to provide a perfect work culture for the IT professionals as well as start-up founders. If you are someone who likes sticking to a routine while working or a gen Z for whom the workplace is not all about working but also a place to network with different people then this article is for you. We have curated a list of some of the prominent IT parks in Hyderabad as follow -
1. HITEC City: 
If you have landed in Hyderabad and haven’t heard the name of HITEC city then we doubt you are not in Hyderabad. (Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy) City is the largest and most popular IT park in Hyderabad. It spans over 151 acres of land and is home to several multinational IT companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Google, and Oracle. 
2. Cyber Gateway:
Cyber Gateway is located in the famous HITEC City and is one of the most preferred IT parks in Hyderabad. It is spread over 8 acres with a modern looking glass facade and beautiful gardens around. It hosts several leading IT companies like IBM, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and Accenture. Microsoft was one of the first companies to start their operations in Cyber Gateway. It has only grown in the last few years since its inception.
3. DLF Cyber City:
Who hasn't heard the name of DLF? DLF with its wondrous architecture is one of the most premium IT parks in Hyderabad. It is located in Gachibowli, which is again a good residential area and is in a close proximity to the HITEC city. DLF cyber city  is spread over 60 acres and is laced with various modern day services like shopping centres, food courts and health clubs. It is home to some of the leading IT companies including Microsoft, IBM and Accenture.
4. Raheja Mindspace:
Raheja Mindspace is not only an IT park offering a premium palace to work but it also offers luxurious residential options. It is located in Madhapur. This IT Park spread over 110 acres is home to several international IT companies including JP Morgan, Bank of America, TCS, etc. It is well connected to the rest of the city. The IT park features beautiful gardens and an area consisting of various recreational activities.
5. Phoenix IT Park:
One of the popular IT parks of Hyderabad, Phoenix is spread across 10 acres and is located in HITEC city. It is equipped with all the modern workspace facilities and is home to various national and international companies like Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, HSBC, etc.
6. The ‘V’ IT Park:
When we are talking about the best IT parks in Hyderabad, how can we forget about the famous ‘V’ IT Park. It is India’s first fully operational green park. It is surrounded by greenery and beautiful gardens. It is home to various multinational as well as national companies like Yatra, HCL, Cognizant, etc. They have  included the natural rock information in their architecture which gives the best view to look at from the window of your workspace.
7. GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park:
GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park is located in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and is mostly a hub of aerospace companies to run their operations. It is one of the important IT parks in Hyderabad and offers land within SEZ. Many famous companies like Amazon, Air India, etc. run their operations from here. 
8. Cyber Pearl:
Cyber Pearl is located in the Madhapur area of Hyderabad. Apart from its vibrant workspace it is famous for its health club. It offers a perfect place for some productive work. It is laced with all the modern day amenities and also consists of some famous cafes and restaurants to check out in the meantime. 
These are some of the famous IT Parks to navigate your work life in Hyderabad while not let you sink under all the work pressure.
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