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Is It Safe to Live in Coliving in India in 2022?

Authored by : Settl. I 13th May 2022 I 15 min

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world back in 2020, our lifestyle changed tremendously from what we used to have a few years ago. This has given rise to a sense of a 'new normal.
People looking to move to Bangalore or planning to move back to this silicon capital of India may get confused seeing the present situation. COVID-19 infection is not fully controlled, and therefore, moving to a hygienic coliving space or single room PG in HSR layout is the best option that seems sane right now as it has a lot of benefits.
This article will share some crucial information about co-living spaces and why one must choose them in Bangalore's HSR Layout.
Top 5 Reasons Why Coliving Spaces Are Better to Live In
  • Freedom of Living Independently– With co-living residents, you get the freedom to explore an independent lifestyle where no one is there to cramp your life. A fully-furnished space can meet the needs & expectations of a person in terms of facilities & social life. Coliving space understands the needs of your independence and offers you the freedom to live as you want.
  • The comfort of upgrading lifestyle– With co-living space, you get an opportunity to experience a happening social life, shared amenities, and premium accommodation. The benefit of living in these accommodations is that the cost is shared, while you get the highest value for money. 
  • Freedom from household chores & maintenance – It's not easy to keep the room clean after returning from the workplace. The dedicated household staff at the coliving spaces handle the cleaning task to keep your place clean and hygienic.
  • The comfort of a safe & sanitized environment – It is critical to focus on a hygienic environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, coliving space providers like Settl ensure that its coliving rooms are safe and sanitized for dwellers. The staff sanitizes the common spaces, lobbies, and other areas daily to keep you safe from any infections. 
  • Freedom of finding like-minded people – In a coliving space, life can get interesting as there are high chances of finding people with the same intellectual level as yours. You have a chance to build lifelong bonds with people coming from different cultural backgrounds.
However, there is a great chance to interact with people from diverse walks of life, which gives you a grand vista to explore. Also, during the pandemic, you need someone to talk to and share your thoughts regularly, and coliving spaces are suitable for your social life.
How to Maintain Hygiene When Staying in Co-living or Shared Rooms?
It can be a bit difficult to manage day-to-day needs as you have to work by yourself. Here are some of the tips if you stay in a co-living accommodation.
  • Make sure to ask the housekeeping staff to replace the sheets frequently.
  • Regularly clean the doorknobs and all those things which are touched regularly with sanitizers.
  • Sterilize laptops, mobile phones, and laptop bags daily with disinfectant. 
  • Make sure that the water bottle is cleaned properly, and also try to drink lukewarm water.
  • Ask your cleaners to wear a mask while entering your room. However, you should also wear the mask at the same time.
  • You can request from your roommate to wash hands frequently and practice hygiene.
  • Never use towels from others to dry the face or hands. Always use your own.
  • Contact the nearest doctor if you or your roommate has minor flu symptoms. Start taking proper precautions to avoid the spread of the virus while taking care of the roommate.
  • Clean your bedsheets and towels regularly.
  • Make sure to clean the floor with phenyl or disinfectant at least twice a week.
Present Scenario of Coliving During COVID-19
Coronavirus is not going anywhere for five to six years as its new variants are emerging. Considering all the issues mentioned above, there are accommodation providers like Settl that are taking measures to ensure a safe and comfortable co-living space for people.
  • By going through these challenging situations, it's critical to keep your mind strong & calm. When living in a co-living space, you have the reassurance of having a few people around you who can help you in an emergency.
  • The co-living space and the private rooms in HSR layout offered by Settl are spacious and fully furnished, where you don't have to step outside to arrange for the basic requirements.
  • Professionals regularly sanitize common areas and lobbies to ensure you get a safe and hygienic living space.
Where to Live in Bangalore during Pandemic?
It's a tricky question for many, especially those who are extra cautious and want to avoid any mishap. However, with Settl, you can live in a coliving space or a Single room PG in HSR Layout. You have to take some extra precautions while staying in a coliving space during the pandemic. By following the tips & tricks that we have discussed, co-living is not a big deal.
Now you have enough understanding that living in a coliving space is beneficial for you if you’re working in Bangalore. So, check for your needs on Settl to find your type of accommodation.
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