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Hidden Gems of Hyderabad: Waterfalls Worth Exploring

Authored by : Settl. I 22 October 2023 I 15 min

One of nature's magnificent creations is a waterfall, and Hyderabad is blessed with several such waterfalls that flow down through rocky cliffs and valleys. Visiting these beautiful landmarks, flowing in the lap of nature, would make any trip to Hyderabad much more memorable.
So, the next time you visit the City of Nizams, don't limit yourself to enjoying the mouthwatering delicacies and architectural wonders that Hyderabad has to offer. Therefore, plan your travel itinerary so that you have at least a day or two to explore, unwind, and take in the magnificent views of nature from Hyderabad.
7 Majestic Waterfalls Near Hyderabad: A Visual Journey
Each of these waterfalls offers a distinctive appeal that promises visitors not only a beautiful treat but also a rejuvenating experience for body and soul.
For this reason, before making any travel plans to Hyderabad, let's quickly go over the list of surreal waterfalls that are located in or around Hyderabad and offer panoramic views.
1. Ethipothala Waterfalls
Undoubtedly one of the most impressive waterfalls near Hyderabad is Ethipothala Waterfall. It is created by three mountain streams that flow down from a height of around 70 feet: Chandravanka Vagu, Tummala Vagu, and Nakka Vagu. 
The waterfall's tranquil and secluded location makes it the perfect destination for individuals who appreciate light hiking and camping in the middle of nature.
Best Time to Visit: The perfect time to visit Ethipothala Waterfall is from October to February, after the rainy season, when the weather is good and pleasant.
2. Kuntala Waterfalls
The highest waterfall in Telangana is Kuntala Waterfall, which falls from a height of 147 feet. It is located on the Kadem River and the dense forest surrounds the waterfall, giving it a dreamy appearance that attracts travelers right away.  
A gorgeous drive and a light hike are required to reach Kuntala Waterfall, making the entire trip an adventure itself.
Best Time to Visit: The monsoon season (June to September) is the best time to visit Kuntala Waterfall since the waterfall is at its most majestic and the surroundings are lush and alive.
3. Bhongir Fort Waterfall
The Bhongir Fort Waterfall is a lovely surprise hidden within the ancient Bhongir Fort complex, which is around 50 kilometers from Hyderabad. 
Travelers can find this gorgeous waterfall while exploring the fort's historic architecture. It's the ideal location for a relaxing lunch and some stunning Instagram pictures.
Best Time to Visit: From July to September is the greatest time to see Bhongir Fort Waterfall since it is at its peak flow and the forest around is lush and green.
4. Kotpally Waterfall
Kotpally Waterfall is situated within the Medak district, which is around 90 kilometers from Hyderabad. This hidden gem offers a tranquil environment surrounded by lush and green vegetation. On a hot day, the waterfall pool is perfect for a refreshing dip.
Best Time to Visit: The monsoon season, which runs from June to September, is the best time to visit Kotpally Waterfall to discover the waterfall in its full flow.
5. Mallela Theertham Waterfall
The Mallela Theertham Waterfall is roughly located 170 kilometers  from Hyderabad. In the middle of the Nallamala Forest, this waterfall is a breathtaking natural beauty. By taking a trip through thick forests and rocky terrain, getting to this waterfall is an adventure all on its own. Additionally, the waterfall has a dramatic 150-foot height, making it an impressive sight to watch.
Best Time to Visit: The post-monsoon season, from October to February, is the best time to visit Mallela Theertham Waterfall since the weather is comfortable and the surroundings are lush.
6. Pochera Waterfall
A hidden gem in the Adilabad region, Pochera Waterfall is about 290 kilometers from Hyderabad. This waterfall is created by the Kadam River and is surrounded by thick trees. This waterfall is relatively calm, making it an ideal location for a picnic with loved ones or a leisurely swim.
Best Time to Visit: From June to September, is the best time to see Pochera Waterfall since it will be in full flow and the area will be teeming with activity.
7. Kanakai Waterfall
The Nirmal district's Kanakai Waterfall is a hidden gem located about 260 kilometers from Hyderabad. The tranquil surroundings of this isolated waterfall is ideal for anyone seeking peace amidst the beauty of nature.
A calm atmosphere is created by the elegant flow of the Kanakai waterfall from a moderate height.
Best Time to Visit: The post-monsoon season (October to February) is the perfect time to visit when the surroundings are calm and the weather is favorable.
Final Words
It's natural to overlook the natural treasures that are all around us in Hyderabad's fast-paced urban life. But these breathtaking waterfalls near Hyderabad, which are only a short drive from the city, provide a rejuvenating break, a chance to get back in touch with nature, and a chance to find peace in the midst of lush and green surroundings. 
So, pack your luggage, gather your loved ones, and head off to see these stunning waterfalls near Hyderabad. Each one has its own special charm that is just waiting to be found and appreciated.
Thanks for reading!