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Factors to consider before choosing the best pg in Hyderabad

Authored by : Settl. I 22 March 2024 I 15 min

While its famed biryani certainly adds to its allure, Hyderabad’s appeal primarily lies in its superior standard of living and excellent amenities.  Renowned for its high quality of life, Hyderabad consistently ranks among the top cities. However, finding a pg isn't a matter of chance. We've compiled some helpful tips and strategies to assist you in your search for the finest pg accommodation in Hyderabad.
PG Location
Opt for the best pg in Hyderabad near your workplace or study, particularly in metropolitan areas where transportation expenses can be steep without a personal vehicle. Selecting a location within a few kilometers reduces travel costs and saves valuable commuting time. Furthermore, ensure that the pg is surrounded by parks, medical facilities, eateries, and markets for added convenience. Access to these amenities nearby eliminates the need for long commutes whenever you require their services.
Questions to ask:
  • Are there any commercial areas close by?
  • How far is it from malls or markets?
  • Where can I travel to get the metro or public transport?
PG Essentials 
In selecting a mens pg in Gachibowli residence, essential amenities are important, as they form the cornerstone of a comfortable and convenient living environment. From impeccably furnished rooms to meticulously maintained bathrooms, reliable internet connectivity, and fully-equipped kitchens, these provisions seamlessly cater to your everyday needs. Furthermore, round-the-clock security, uninterrupted water supply, laundry facilities, elevator, and power backup ensure safety and convenience. Giving importance to the availability of these indispensable amenities aids in identifying the best pg in Hyderabad that aligns with your needs, offering a pleasant and hassle-free stay.
Questions to ask:
  • Is there 24X7 Wifi available?
  • How often are the cleaning services?
  • Will food be provided?
  • Availability of washrooms or shared washrooms?
  • Curfew and time limits for using facilities?
PG Regulations
Every PG establishment invariably imposes its set of house rules, and it's incumbent upon you to ascertain their reasonableness or impracticality. This aspect is often overlooked, as individuals may withhold unfavorable details until they've secured your monthly rental payment and security deposit. Hence, it's crucial to inquire about the house regulations before delving into rent negotiations.
Questions to ask:
  • Is the deposit included in the rent?
  • How much is a shared room and a private room?
  • Will the entire security deposit be refunded after my tenure?
  • What if I want to leave the PG mid-way, will I get my security deposit back?
PG Community
During your tenure at a pg accommodation in Hyderabad, your flatmates become akin to family members. Hence, it is prudent to converse with prospective flatmates before finalizing the PG. Look out for potential red flags and ensure they exhibit understanding and share similar interests. When sharing a space with a roommate in a PG, it is essential to ensure their habits align with yours. Don't hesitate to inquire about their study habits or social tendencies. 
Questions to ask:
  • Who is my roommate, and what is he/she doing?
  • Are you a smoker/non-smoker?
  • How often do you have guests over?
  • Where do you work or study?
Must-Haves for Your Perfect PG Stay
Every best pg in Hyderabad has unique charm and amenities, prompting you to adapt accordingly. While some may boast fully furnished spaces resembling a home away from home, others might offer minimalistic setups or leave furnishing entirely to your discretion. As you prepare to embark on your PG journey, ensure the space includes the following:
  • Bed or mattress
  • Table or desk
  • Chair
  • Cupboards
Additionally, personal hygiene and cleanliness should be prioritized in mens pg in Gachibowli, especially amidst the summer diseases. Assemble a set of essentials to maintain your personal space and avoid unnecessary sharing unless necessary. Consider including:
  • Buckets and mugs
  • Doormat
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Fresh towels
  • Bed linens and covers
  • Comforters
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Toiletries
Wrapping Up!
Securing the right pg accomodation in Hyderabad can be challenging, yet diligently considering all the factors mentioned above can increase your chances of finding the perfect fit.
Now is the moment to begin narrowing down your options online through Settl. before arranging in-person visits. Best of luck with your search!
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is a PG agreement?
Creating a pg Agreement is crucial for both the paying guest and the owner, ensuring mutual protection and preventing potential legal disputes. Drafting the agreement on stamp paper is recommended to serve as solid collateral evidence in case of any future disagreements or conflicts.
Where do I get a complete list of PGs in Hyderabad?
You can search for a complete list of PG properties in Hyderabad.
Which are the Best Areas to Live in Hyderabad?
For the best areas to live in Hyderabad, check out:
  • Madhapur
  • Hitech  City
  • Gachibowli
What is the cost of a best pg in Hyderabad?
The cost of the best pg in Hyderabad starts from 15000. Settl. Azore at Gachibowli offers Shared Room Rs.15,000 /mo * and Private Room Rs.25,000 /mo *
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