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Studio Apartment: A Affordable But Luxurious Choice Beyond Traditional Apartments in Cities

Authored by : Settl. I 21st December 2022 I 15 min

The bachelor working professionals, who look for affordable accommodations with a home-like ambience where they can enjoy complete freedom to live, Gurgaon studio apartments can be ideal to meet their requirements. Though a studio apartment comes with affordable & contemporary structures of living solutions, the standard sleeping & living spaces make it different from other accommodations. The latest studio apartment in Gurgaon has unique kitchen patterns that connect with the whole living space and look like the prettiest counter.
So, single bachelors, working professionals & retired individuals who need a private space away from home with minimal amenities can easily opt for a studio apartment in Gurgaon.
In terms of affordability, if you opt for a Studio apartment in Gurgaon on rent, you can enjoy the primary and cost-effective amenities as you can manage your monthly bills easily. Generally, most of the studio apartments in Gurgaon are constructed in prime locations, where the residents can access prominent educational institutions, healthcare centres, and recreational platforms in close vicinity.
Now, take a look at the essential tricks & tips which make your lifestyle more attractive while you are living in a Studio apartment in Gurgaon on rent.
Lifestyle Challenges in A Studio Apartment
Though a studio apartment is always an affordable choice, in the minimal rectangular space, you must miss the charm of individual rooms for household chores. At the same time, you have to combine all your daily chores, including sleeping, cooking, and entertainment. So, to bring versatility to the entire floor of a studio apartment, you should opt for a few essential tips: 
Essential Swaps To Make Your Studio Apartment Cozy
1. How To Create Illusion in Sleeping Space
Suppose you want to feel the charm of a separate sleeping room in a studio apartment in Gurgaon. In that case, the best option is to create an illusion using beautiful curtains, multifunctional shelving units or traditional dividers. Using these things can create a cosy corner in your studio apartment for a sound sleep with lots of mental peace. The multifunctional shelves are an excellent option for using the vertical space in a studio apartment. 
2. Use Rugs For Specific Zones
Floor decoration with rugs is a great idea, which can beautifully separate the sitting zones in a studio apartment. The usage of rugs not only meets the separation purposes but also adds warmth & specific texture in the sitting corner of the entire floor. You can feel inspired by the vibrant coloured rugs, which divide the living space & sleeping space aesthetically.
3. Use A Unique Patterened Bookshelf
If you successfully create versatile curvature in the entire space of your studio apartment, then you will be able to define the aristocracy in your studio-type living accommodations. Bring an open-box bookshelf, which best stores your favourite books and separates the living space from the sleeping corner without consuming much space.
4. Move The Minimal Furniture To The Center of the Point
As a studio apartment is the best option for single-working professionals, you are expected to meet your requirements with minimal furniture. Suppose you want to make your one-room living accommodation attractive to your guests. In that case, you should opt for a middle alignment of sofa & furniture, as this positioning bring a spacious look to the entire floor of your studio apartment.
5. Use A Glass Wall
You can install a thin glass wall, which divides the sleeping area & living area very well with the prettiest transparent illusion. The installation of glass walls in modern studio apartments is essential to feasible space planning. While you opt for a glass wall, you can ensure that your living space will not be deprived of natural light through the window in the sleeping corner. If you need extra privacy in your sleeping space in a studio apartment, then opt for a half-mounted wooden interior with shelves. This movable interior will bring a customized art look to your living space.
6. What Are The Roles of Folding Screens?
As an ideal divider, folding screens are the stylish choice to ensure a relaxed ambience in a studio apartment. Using moveable screens, you can block the views of your workspace corner. Moreover, folding screens are the best choice for hanging daily clothes.
7. Prefer Multifunctional Furniture
Pieces of Furniture are essential for any accommodations to attend to guests or relax. But, when the matter comes to the minimal space of a studio apartment, then you should choose multifunctional furniture. If you bring a bed with underneath storage, it will accommodate many things, even being an essential sleeping option. So, choosing a storage-based centre table is another option for maintaining a clutter-free living space in a studio apartment.
How To Accommodate A Roommate In Your Studio Apartment?
If you have chosen a posh society for renting a studio apartment in Gurgaon, then perhaps you have to manage the high amount of rental package. So, you can share your studio apartment with a roommate. In that case, you have to bring such functional furniture that can quickly meet the needs or storage & resting requirements of both of you. For example, you can keep a single bed in the corner of your sleeping space. And if you bring a Morphy bed, it will play the role of pretty sleeping furniture for your roommate at night, and in the morning, you can turn it into a space-saving rack wall. Thus, with an intellectual selection of furniture, both of you can enjoy the maximum space with essential flexibility in the limited space of your studio apartment.
All the studio apartment-related information explains how single working professionals can enjoy home-like accommodations far from home. If you go through all the points, you can live a healthier lifestyle with moderate privacy & luxury in any smart city where you need to settle for your professional development.
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