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Must-visit Places In Bangalore, To Avail Authentic Biryani

Authored by : Settl. I 6th December 2022 I 15 min

You will be surprised to know that Biryani holds the glorious tag of the most-ordered food in Bangalore. Like other parts of India, the foodies in Bangalore also love Biryani as a spicy, filling, affordable delicacy. 
But there are so many food zones & restaurants that claim to serve you the best flavored Biryani. But, you must carefully choose the best Biryani restaurant in Bangalore. Suppose you plan to celebrate birthday parties, then you must reach a well-known & popular restaurant so you can ensure the best Biryani treat for your friends. Moreover, suppose you are familiar with the specific flavors & shades of Biryani in different stalls & restaurants in Bangalore. In that case, you must be able to spend a yummy weekend ordering Biryani from any reliable one.
Here all the details about renowned biryani stalls & restaurants in Bangalore will help you explore the lip-smacking taste of the best Biryani in Bangalore.
The following list will make your task easy while exploring the best Biryani in Bangalore.
Here, you will learn the specialties of the best biryani centers in Bangalore. Now take a look at the 10 Best Biryani Restaurants in Bengaluru.
1. Empire Restaurant, Indiranagar
The residents of the neighboring localities of Indiranagar & the relocated working professionals prefer Empire restaurants to enjoy the outstanding flavors of non-veg thalis, including chicken dosa. But Empire restaurant is well-known for serving finger-licking chicken biryani, which offers mesmerizing smell & texture of rice, seasoned chicken pieces and decent quantity. So, if you are thinking of enjoying your dinner with the authentic flavor of biryani, then you can keep your step at Empire restaurant with friends. 
2. Anand Dum Biryani, Hoskote
The mouthwatering flavor of Anand dum biryani makes you mesmerized to think that no food delicacy can be more special than Anand Dum Biryani. You must be surprised they can serve almost 200 kilos of Biryani, equal to 1,400 plates. Once you eat yummy Anand Dum biryani, you never forget the jaw-dropping flavor of the well-cooked rice and mutton seasoned with unique Indian whole spices. The exquisite preparation technique brings a mouthwatering aroma to Anand dum Biryani, Hoskot. They always use burned charcoal pieces on the top of the lid of the biryani pot, which is kept in the low wood fire as every ingredient can be simmered with special seasonings. 
You can order Biryani on Tuesday, Friday & Sunday as breakfast from this well-known biryani center. At reasonable pricing in their eco-friendly biryani plate, you will get 3-4 mutton pieces.
3. Ambur Star Biryani, BTM
Ambur Star serves such special flavored biryani plates, which always attract foodies who love to experiment with the top variants of biriyani. Both chicken & prawn lovers can satisfy their taste buds with the individual delicacies of Chicken biryani & prawn biryani here. The addition of hand-grounded whole spices brings an impressive aroma to the plates of Ambur Star Biryani. In the prime location of Bangalore, at Outer Ring Road, BTM Layout, you can enjoy the superb taste of Biryani.
4. Paradise, Indiranagar
You can avail yourself of the prettiest flavored Biryani from Paradise, one of the 10 Best Biryani Restaurants in Bengaluru. But you need to order Biryani here between Tuesday and Sunday, as Paradise stays closed every Monday. So, if you want to enjoy the traditional taste in every bite of the best Biryani in Bengaluru, you will get the most affordable biryani plates here. 
5. Ammis Biryani, Indiranagar
While you expect your favorite seasoning & exquisite taste in biryani plates, you need to find authentic biryani-specific restaurants, which is quite challenging. In Bangalore, Ammi's Biryani is an authentic food court at Indiranagar, where you will enjoy the fresh taste of Hyderabadi Biryani. Moreover, at Ammi's Biryani, you will get 14 exclusive non-veg & veg biryani flavors. So, you can recommend your friends & colleagues Ammi's Biryani as one of the reasonable food zones to avail all flavors of the best Biryani in Bengaluru. Like its name, you will get the authentic texture & flavors of the best Biryani as you find in your mother's recipes.
6. Meghana Foods, Indiranagar
You will be happy to know that Meghana Foods at Indiranagar hold incredible popularity in serving the specialized Andhara biryani in Bangalore. According to ratings by travelers, this restaurant can be recommended to your friends for fresh food, quality services, pleasant ambiance, and much more.
7. Gramin, Koramangala
The people who move to a new city and find authentic veg food delicacies can reach out to the food court at Gramin, Koramangala. You must agree that Biryani is more than just a dedicated recipe for non-vegetarians. People who belong to the vegetarian category often have cravings for the royal taste of Biryani with seasoned spices. So, at Gramin, vegetarians can avail of excellent flavors of veg-biryani. So, both residents & relocated individuals who are not familiar with non-veg can enjoy the superb taste of the filling and traditional dishes in this dedicated food zone of veg-biryani.
8. Nagarjuna, Residency Road
As one of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore, Nagarjuna serves highly authentic flavored Biryani. The style of special seasoning brings a mild & lip-smacking aroma to their biryani plates. Once you eat Biryani at Nagarjuna restaurant in Bangalore, you will get the delightful taste of Andhra-style Biryani. 
9. Rahhans, Frazor Town
With a pleasant ambiance, Rahhans is a superb dining place where you can order Muslim-style Biryani. The entire silicon valley has six branches, where you will get the excellent taste of old-school Biryani with exquisite seasoning of Indian herbs. The slow preparation style makes their biryani well-cooked, and the foodies can enjoy the tender pieces of meat. In simple words, with the excellent flavors of Rahhans biryani, you will find heavenly pleasure in food.
10. Lazeez, Koramangala
Are you finding the perfect combination of egg, Mughlai aroma, and a big tender potato in your biryani plate sitting in Bangalore? Then you should order Biryani from Lazeez at Koramangala, where they serve Kolkata-style Biryani's authentic flavor in every bite. The name 'Lazeez' is an Urdu term that means 100% delicious food. And when you take bites of Kolkata-style chicken biryani here, you will feel the real meaning of 'Lazeez.'
All the points described the specific aspects of well-known food courts in Bangalore, where both local people & relocated professional crowds can avail the prettiest flavors of different styles of Biryani at affordable pricing. So, all information will help many people who search best Biryani in Bangalore near me.
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