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Ultimate Checklist – A Guide to Find the Best PG in Bangalore

Authored by : Settl. I 7th July 2022 I 15 min

Being the silicon valley of India, Bangalore is a prime location for entrepreneurs, millennials, and baby boomers looking for a living space. Bangalore, often considered the IT capital of India, has emerged as the world's most dynamic city, according to a JLL study 2018. The robust innovation ecosystem, smart city infrastructure, IT culture, and excellent transport network makes Bangalore one of the best cities in the 21st century. So, with that in mind today, we'll provide you with insight into finding the best pg in Bangalore in 2024.
But when it comes to house hunting, most people get stuck finding the best options. A home is a space that delivers both psychological & emotional satisfaction with ease of living.
Find the best pg in Bangalore – An Ultimate Guide
Finding a PG according to your requirements and needs is a daunting task. From location to safety, necessities, and services, you need to take into consideration everything while looking at the coliving space, and these are:
  • Location – When looking for a PG in Bangalore, one of the essential things you need to consider is the location, and it defines your lifestyle when you are living in the room.
It is best to get a room that is located near to your workplace. You must spend some time doing proper research to know more about the location before you move in. Ensure that your location has all nearby amenities like a medical store, grocery store, workplace/college, and transportation availability.
  • Transportation – We can't deny that transportation is essential to look for. It's good that your PG has good last-mile connectivity for an easy way to commute to other places.
You never want to waste your precious time catching the cab, bus, or metro to go on to your workplace. Moreover, it can be hectic to return to the room after a long day of hard work by walking due to the lack of transportation connectivity.
  • Neighborhood – While looking for co living spaces Bangalore, the neighborhood plays a critical role in shaping your life. You can't live in a wrong locality where you have to struggle for everything such as water, electricity, facility stores, people, and the surrounding environment.
While searching for the coliving space, you must focus on your neighborhood. Check if you have a safe & secure environment, ease of living with all the basic amenities, parks, and educated people, and align with your lifestyle. 
  • Basic Amenities – A good locality means that it should be well-surrounded by basic facilities to make your life easy. It must provide you with basic amenities like the grocery store, chemist, salon, departmental store, dry cleaners, gym, and other required amenities in the vicinity. An ideal location must cover all those basic amenities & utilities that make life easy & comfortable.
  • Budgeting – As a working professional, you have to manage all the expenses other than the living. That's why you must adhere to your necessary budget requirements as it builds the financial facet of life. You must select the accommodation as per your salary by considering your monthly expenses. It helps you understand affordability power with a vision of the suitability of your budget to rent the best pg in Bangalore.
  • Security Deposit – Many landlords in Bangalore charge 6-8 months of rent as a security deposit along with the 11-months rent agreement. Blocking your hard-earned money as a security amount can be a huge concern for many tenants. You should always try other available options before finalizing the lease agreement. You must discuss the terms & conditions of the security deposit with the dealer or landlord right before paying the money.
  • Inspect the Apartment - This is one of the most crucial things before moving to a new place. Check every switch, plug, wall, pipe, appliance, balcony, staircase, bathroom & washroom, ventilation, any form of water leakage, and the ceiling, among other things. Before renting a house, make sure you are entirely delighted with it. Bangalore experiences frequent power cuts and electricity outages, so make sure your PG provides 24x7 electric power backup. Also, make sure there is no network problem in your room.
  • Rental Agreement – The rental agreement is a reciprocal legal contract between the landlord and the renter that gives you the right to occupy the property for a set of times. So, before signing the form and submitting your identity verification, make sure you read it well. Check for any contradictions or provisions you disagree with, as this will eventually spare you from any future complications.
  • Builders’ Reputation – This study will provide a clear picture of when you will receive ownership of the home, the quality of construction, the kind of facilities available, and the overall price appreciation potential. Look for online evaluations, learn about the developer's background, and gather as much information as possible.
What’s Next?
A living place is a leading aspect of life, so for that reason, the place must provide you with a homely & comfortable feeling. Getting the coliving spaces in Bangalore is not accessible due to many migrants shifting to Bangalore for job purposes.
By going through the checklist while on a house hunt, you will be able to get the coliving room according to you.
Moreover, you don't know how good the dealer is, or the room will be. But to get the best, you can search on Settl., an online accommodation search website. You can find the best coliving house with basic amenities and high-quality services.
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