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Traveller's Guide To Explore Coastal Delights in Hyderabad

Authored by : Settl. I 29th November 2023 I 15 min

Hyderabad is a sprawling metro city that attracts a lot of people to live and work there because of its buzzing cosmopolitan atmosphere. But there are times when one needs to take a break from the hectic daily life.
Although there are many possibilities for residents to get away, the beach retreat is something that many people miss. However, there are a few Hyderabad beaches that will compel tourists to quickly grab their keys and head off.
Discovering Paradise in Hyderabad
Hyderabad has everything a person needs, whether they're looking for a quick getaway from the city or are planning a beach holiday. The best beaches near Hyderabad are listed below so that one can arrange a trip there and get some much-needed rest.
1. Bheemunipatnam Beach
Bheemunipatnam Beach is often known as Bheemili Beach. This scenic coastal town is renowned for its immaculate coastline and extensive historical background. The buildings and architecture of Bheemunipatnam, a Dutch settlement during the colonial era, still retains evidence of their influence.
The beach is characterized by its gentle waves and golden sand. Thus, it's a perfect spot for a peaceful sunbath or a leisurely swim. The historic lighthouse, which provides expansive views of the town and shoreline can also be explored by visitors.
Distance: Located approximately 500 kilometers away from Hyderabad
2. Visakhapatnam Beach
In addition to its ports and massive industrial setup, Visakhapatnam Beach is well-known for its gorgeous beaches. The city is home to some of the best beach destinations, including:
Rama Krishna Beach: With a variety of activities available, this beach is located in the center of the city. Visitors can take a walk along the clean beach, eat some of the best street food in the area, or visit the Submarine Museum. So, it's an ideal location for a family vacation.
Rushikonda Beach: Rushikonda Beach is the ideal location for those seeking a more peaceful and less crowded beach. It's well-known for having pure waters and golden sands, which make it the perfect place for swimming and water sports.
Yarada Beach: Although it is a bit farther from the city, Yarada Beach is well worth the drive. It provides an ideal environment for a relaxing day at the beach because it is surrounded by verdant hills. Moreover, the drive to the beach is equally stunning, which offers breath-taking landscapes of the Bay of Bengal.
Distance: Visakhapatnam coastal city is located around 600 kilometers from Hyderabad
3. Vodarevu Beach
Among various Hyderabad beaches, Vodarevu Beach is a less crowded gem. When compared to other well-known beaches in the area, this pristine beach is less commercialized. It's a wonderful location for environment lovers because of its breathtaking rock formations and abundant vegetation.
This beach is great for spending a leisurely day in the sun because of its gentle waves and relatively less crowd. Additionally, there are tiny shacks where guests can enjoy delectable seafood while taking in the sea wind.
Distance: Situated around 450 kilometers from Hyderabad
4. Manginapudi Beach
Manginapudi Beach has black soil making it an ideal destination, which is uncommon in Hyderabad beaches. Coconut palms surround the shore, contributing to its attractiveness. The Dattashram, a sacred place next to the seashore, is one of the main tourist attractions here. Before making their prayers, devotees come here to dip in the holy waters.
Distance: Located approximately 330 kilometers from Hyderabad
5. Suryalanka Beach
The sandy beach of Suryalanka Beach is renowned for its long and wide sandy shore. This beach is ideal for relaxing swims, games on the sand, or sunbathing. All ages of swimmers can safely enjoy the mild surf.
There's also a stunning lighthouse at Suryalanka. A magnificent view of the surroundings can be experienced from the top of the lighthouse. Moreover, visitors can arrange for a longer beach holiday here as lodging facilities are widely available.
Distance: Situated around 380 kilometers from Hyderabad
6. Uppada Beach
This is yet another best beach destination in Andhra Pradesh. It is well known for its serene atmosphere, immaculate beaches, and the traditional Uppada sarees that are woven in the nearby village. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the beach because it's a great place to see a variety of birds, crabs, and other marine life. This beach offers a peaceful experience due to the serene surroundings and local fishing boats.
Distance: Uppada Beach is located approximately 400 kilometers from Hyderabad
7. Pulicat Lake and Beach
One of India's largest coastal lagoons, Pulicat Lake, is a well-known characteristic of this serene beach. The lake is a birdwatcher's paradise because it is home to numerous bird species.
The Pulicat Beach, which lies next to the lake, is a picturesque location to experience the gentle waters and migratory birds. Wildlife lovers can also explore the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary, which is open to visitors.
Distance: Pulicat is a serene destination located around 550 kilometers from Hyderabad, near Tamil Nadu border
Final Words
Hyderabad may not be a coastal city, but it has easy access to a number of stunning beaches near Hyderabad. There is something for everyone at these beaches because they differ in terms of the landscape, activities offered, and crowd density.
These Hyderabad beaches feature everything one might require for a family outing or a weekend getaway with water activities. Thus, the sun, beach, and sea that are only a short drive from Hyderabad should be explored during your visit to the City of Nizams.
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