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Best Cities to Live and Work in India, Where You Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Authored by : Settl. I 2 feb 2023 I 15 min

The primary reasons behind relocation include - educational purposes, job/startup/business, and retirement. To fulfill each of these purposes, people consider a bunch of factors while they choose the best places in India. 
Professional individuals & young talents both decide to relocate to such cities, where they get ample opportunities to prove their potential. But it is also true that relocation depends not only on opportunities. People consider several quality factors before choosing any city to grab a professional breakthrough. What makes a city highly preferable for working migrants? The availability of standard lifestyles, authentic eateries, well-connected roads & hassle-free transports, safety protocols, superb recreational platforms for entertainment & nourishing a balanced social life. All these factors matter a lot to enjoying a peaceful urban life. So, people often consider these factors when they choose the best cities to live and work in India.
Therefore, relocation to a new city always requires in-depth research & familiarity with the relevant factors, which include - commercial growth, transport availability, living & fooding affordability & so much more about the particular cities. Here, you will get lots of relevant information as you can decide the best city to live in in India for IT professionals.
In the development scenario of Indian cities, Bangalore has become one of the giant corporate leaders. Booming IT companies in Bangalore have successfully transformed the corporate culture across India. Indian Garden City - Bangalore is a well-developed silicon hub that provides promising career opportunities. So, people, who want to grab the emerging & evolving professional possibilities, should relocate to silicon valley of, India.
People who relocate to Bangalore not only enjoy the random possibilities in the booming commercial hubs here but also get easy availability of everyday living. The accessibility to glamorous urban accommodations always attracts working migrants. Because after managing the corporate pressure, every individual finds comfort in a peaceful living space at the end of the day. And corporate professionals can easily avail of rental flats in Bangalore to enjoy ultimate comfort after a tiring day in the workplace. So, the working migrants do not need to be concerned about renting a room in Bangalore as the city is well-developed with vast rental properties. 
After being sure about earning opportunities & living standards, you must be attracted to the fast social life in Bangalore. The well-decorated malls in Bangalore scope the residents to enjoy reckless shopping to meet the specific requirements of urban daily life. People can enjoy the mesmerizing nightlife in Bangalore with friends, colleagues & professional partners.
In Bangalore, the students & working migrants get lots of popular street food stalls where they can taste authentic South Indian items, including - Idli, Dosa, Pav Vaji, healthy & filling sandwiches, yummy chaats, grilled kebab, rolls, and so many more in affordable pricing. You can avail of all these items at Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, Marathahalli, Koramangala, and Yeshwanthpur & across silicon valley. These street foods have no shortfall in terms of taste & quality of international cuisines.
Hyderabad is such a city, which is generally famous as the Home of Charminar, a School of aromatic Dum Biryani & for the rich influence of Nizams in culture. But, there are more significant points that ensure that Hyderabad is one of the top 10 best cities to live in India. 
People, who relocate to Hyderabad, fall in love with its delightful shopping scene. The city of Perls & the capital of Telangana is such a timeless city where you will get ample possibilities & scopes to develop your technical skills. After Bangalore, Hyderabad is the most popular HiTech city, where emerging technologies rapidly evolve the business development flow. The giant IT companies have founded their headquarters and operational centers in the city of Nizams. So, Hyderabad is a highly preferred choice as one of the best cities in India for the young generations. The flourishing commercial real estate properties in Gachibowli, Kapil business park, Anjana Function Hall, and Swarna Jayanti Commercial Complex are becoming the backbone of the development of corporate hubs. So, the business owners are investing in owning their offices in these locations.  
The connective expressways & regional ring roads offer hassle-free transport accessibility to the residents in Hyderabad as they can reach their offices in the early hour.
Moreover, being a historic city, Hyderabad also has an evolving cosmopolitan culture, which offers affordable apartments for co-living. Alongside the working migrants, who take rented rooms in Hyderabad, they enjoy the utmost civic infrastructure & top-tier healthcare facilities in their nearby areas. It does not matter if you are moving to Hyderabad as a couple, family, or bachelor; you can enjoy cozy accommodations.
So, if you choose Hyderabad as one of the best cities to live in and work in India, you will enjoy a standard urban lifestyle alongside your professional growth.
The capital city of India: Delhi follows the most thriving culture to evolve employment opportunities from time to time. The young talents often prefer to pursue their academic sessions to get the benefits of higher education at affordable fees, state-of-the-art educational infrastructures, cultural societies, highly experienced faculties & so much more. So, if you plan to relocate to Delhi with your family to heighten your professional potential, then you do not need to worry about the future of the next generation.
Moreover, young talents often choose Delhi as one of the best cities in India.
They get ample opportunities in Delhi to start their career with the highest paying jobs such as - an investment banker, chartered accountant, marketing manager, product manager, blockchain developer, and so much more.
Above all, if you plan to relocate to the capital city of India for professional purposes, you can easily avail of rental apartments & PG in Delhi, which are furnished with amenities.
As a city, firstly, Chennai is well-known for its famous Southern film industries. Chennai has a hassle-free climate, which motivates business aspirants to choose Chennai as the hottest destination for startups. Among 55 Special Economic Zones across Tamilnadu, 18 SEZs (special economic zones) are in Chennai. So, the convenient trade laws in these zones drive corporate investors to choose Chennai as one of the best cities in India to turn their dreams into reality. 
At the start, the automobile startups in Chennai ensured recognition as a metropolitan city. But, gradually, the well-infrastructured SaaS hub, manufacturing industry, and engineering fields make this city one of the best choices for relocation to pacify professional purposes. The working bachelor or students can manage their living cost in chennai between 5k to 8k as per the preferred locations. If you prefer co-living accommodation in Chennai, you will be able to manage your meals & essential amenities within an affordable budget. If you prefer single homeownership or 1BHK flat in Chennai, the rent can vary from 8k to 12k monthly. Besides, if you use public transport to reach the office and return home, you must spend around 1200 per month. 
So, all this information & calculation prove that Chennai is one of the best cities to live and work in India.
If you dream of pursuing a successful academic journey, you should relocate to Pune, as this city is considered the ‘Oxford of the East .’Besides, the inevitable connection with music, drama & dance makes Pune the top choice for the young generations who love cultural richness. Moreover, if you are interested in developing your skills through professional courses such as mass communication & engineering, Pune is one of the best cities in India.
As a host of 500 fortune firms, including IT enterprises and commercial startups, Pune offers the young generations ample professional opportunities. 
The world knows Pune as the historical city of the Maratha Empire. And today, the aspirant startup corporate owners in Pune are investing their capital in acquiring a remarkable place in the global economy. So, if you are interested in relocating to Pune, this city has everything as one of the best cities in India.
The capital of Gujrat offers ample job opportunities, a fabulous urban lifestyle, excellent education & great civic infrastructure. Besides, Ahmedabad is a city with an array of manufacturing industries: pharmaceutical, ceramics, textile, jewelry, gems, dairy, and so much more. So, there is no doubt that if the professionals & young talents relocate to Ahmedabad, they get incredible opportunities to prove their potential.
All the points in the above discussion raise the possibilities and opportunities in different metropolit
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