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Exotic Wine-Hopping Vineyards In Bangalore For Wine Lovers

Authored by : Settl. I 22 February 2023 I 15 min

In recent times, wine tourism has been a trending culture in India. Tasting wine in the leafy vineyards is a part of recreation for people who want to experience the exquisite aroma of the wine. If wine tasting is an art, wine lovers follow '5S' tricks - 'See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip & Savor' to become masters in wine tasting.
As a wine lover visiting vineyards is a crazy idea to discover the specialties in the individual vintages. As well as in a flourishing vineyard, a wine tourist can immerse all the stress & worries with the mindblowing aroma of red & white wine.
If you are in Bangalore and are passionate about wine tasting, you can visit the famous vineyards in Bangalore.
Bangalore's trending wine-tasting culture brings Karnataka to second position as a wine-producing Indian state, right after Nashik of Maharashtra. The conditions of soil & cool climate in Bangalore are highly suitable for the flourishing vineyards. 
The following points discuss the best vineyards in Bangalore, where you can enjoy aromatic wine tasting on weekends.
Big Banyan Vineyard:
Big Banyan Vineyard is a highly popular renowned winery with the well-developed infrastructure to flourish wine tourism in India. Almost one decade ago, Big Banyan Vineyard started their journey at Goa winery. And in 2016, they introduced their winery branch in Bangalore. As a wine tourist, you must enjoy wine tasting while visiting Big Banyan Vineyard. They have wood-paneled rooms decorated with authentic images of new winemaking. So, naturally, wine lovers enjoy unique flavors of wines paired with different cheese types. As a wine lover, you can plan your weekend for a wine tour in Big Banyan Vineyard to enjoy the entire winemaking process. And your weekends will be more enchanting with a sip of delicious wine during sunset in one of the famous Bangalore vineyards.

Location: Chunchanakuppe Village, Tavarakere

Visiting time: 9.30 am to 5 pm

Grover Zampa Vineyard
As a famous winery brand, Grover Zampa Vineyard in Bangalore has its vines grown across 81 hectares. As a leader in the winemaking industry, Grover Zampa uses next-gen sorting machines with optical facilities. The technology-driven infrastructure ensures the separation of fresh grapes from the vines for organic fermentation. If you are interested in organic winemaking, you can spend quality time at Grover Zampa Vineyard in Bangalore. Due to having a world-famous phenomenal wine collection, Grover Vineyards is always a hot destination for wine lovers. As one of the famous vineyards in Bangalore, Grover Zampa serves six unique flavors of the wine with a delicious buffet. As a wine tourist, you can plan to spend a quality weekend in the aromatic ambiance of this renowned vineyard with music.

Location: Devanahalli Road, Doddaballapur

Visiting Time: 10.30 am to 3 pm

Kadu Winery
Passionate wine lovers prefer to visit Kadu Winery to enjoy the exotic wine tour with guides. As a fourth unit of Heritage Winery, Kadu Winery has nine acres of flourishing vines. During a fascinating wine tour in Kadu Winery, you can enjoy rare flavors of Sula & Kadu wines, which makes the wine tourists interested in grabbing the exotic winemaking information. The authority of Kadu winery allows wine tourists to participate in grape-stomping in their well-infrastructured vineyards in Bangalore.

Location: Chekkere Post, Malur Road, Bangalore 

Visiting Time: 10.30 am to 5.30 pm

SDU Winery
The success stories of SDU winery make you interested to know about the female entrepreneur - Shambhavi Hingorani, who runs one of the top vineyards in Bangalore. The simplified making process and the finest flavors of blended wines in SDU winery make you interested in visiting this vineyard on your weekends. As a passionate wine lover, you must enjoy the classic tour of SDU winery.

Location: HN Layout

Kinvah Vineyards
A planned weekend tour in Kinvah winery will refresh you with the exotic flavors of wine and enchanting ambiance. Under the Kinvah brand name, the renowned Nandi Valley Vineyards produce 10 million liters of delicious wine from their 250-acre vineyard. The massive capacity of flavored wine production makes Kinvah vineyards a famous brand in the wine tourism industry. Kinvah always serves premium wine based on its high-quality French grapes. As a wine lover, while you visit Kinvah vineyards, you not merely experience the organic process of winemaking but also the arrangements of welcome drinks & snacks, making your weekend wine tour enchanting. Or the aromatic sips of wine with main course meals in Kinvah vineyards can sort out your perfect day trip to say goodbye to all your weekdays. In this famous vineyard, you can also participate in grape stomping sessions for an exclusive experience.

Location: Thimanayakanahalli, Yelahanka Hobli

Timing: 11.30 to 4 pm

Myra Vineyards
Are you looking for a fantastic vineyard for a weekend wine tour? As an ideal place for wine-tasting Bangalore, you can count on Myra Vineyards. In Indian garden city, Myra vineyards can enchant your wine tour experience with high-quality premium wines. In 2011, Ajay Shetty founded Myra vineyards to serve delicious wine flavors in Bangalore. If you are interested in an interactive wine tour on holidays or weekends, then you can choose Myra vineyards to enjoy the authentic varieties of wine flavors.
The entire discussion represents the renowned winery in Bangalore, as you can choose your nearby vineyard for a fantastic trip of wine tasting in Bangalore. If you are fascinated with wine tasting, you can plan winery tours in these vineyards in Bangalore in the cooler months to enjoy mind-blowing blends of wine.
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