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Filling Fast
Settl. Samoa
Sector 51
Near Artemis Hospital
Shared Room starting from Rs. 17,000 /mo *
Filling Fast
Settl. Oslo
Sector 51
Near Mall 51
Shared Room starting from Rs. 16,000 /mo *
Settl Sorrento Coming Soon
Settl. Sorrento
Sector 51
Near Artemis Hotel
Shared Room starting from Rs. 14,000 /mo *
New place to call home coming soon in Sector 51
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All inclusive amenities

Just grab a bag full of essentials and step into a fully-furnished coliving space home.
Power Backup
Power-cut’s a nightmare, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with power backup*
Regular Cleaning &
Don’t fret over changing the bulb or cleaning anymore. We are here to take care of regular cleaning and maintenance needs.
High Speed
WFH and binge-watching a series is a seamless experience at Settl. Enjoy high-speed internet connection for hassle-free video calls and presentations.
Laundry days made easy with on-site laundry facilities. Access the washing machine at any time of the day.
‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself’ Be a part of the ‘Settl.’ community to bond with your neighbours over coffee, games and more
All inclusive rent
with Nominal deposit
Don’t shell out your money on hefty deposits and rents. The nominal charges cover all your expenses from electricity**, water to wifi bills.
24/7 security
Your sound-sleep is our responsibility. Your safety is covered by 24/7 tech-enabled security.

Settling the right way

Flat share and Private Service Apartment
Fully Furnished
Regular Cleaning
High Speed Wi-Fi
Tech Enabled security systems
Common Spaces
Curated Events
Coliving spaces in Sector 51, Gurgaon
Settl. is the ultimate coliving for young professionals who love the privacy and communal living. With beautifully designed units of Rooms in Sector 51 with attached washrooms, the properties in Sector 51 with units such as Rooms are well equipped with all amenities. Our properties are known for their high-speed internet, making them perfect for a work-from-home situation. We have a friendly housekeeping staff who are willing to assist you at any given time. Any Settl property. is just a few km away from the most prominent landmarks of the Sector 51 where you wish to stay.


Your family away from your family.

A community of like-minded people coming together to exchange greetings and share life experiences. Collaborate with fellow Settlrs in our curated events and bond with them in an inclusive and caring community.

Choose an exciting community. Choose Settl.
Settl. Heart
The experiences where you connect with other settlers. Heart to heart. Jam. sing. dance. live life.
Settl. Mind
Hectic city life? Hit refresh with soulful yoga sessions, workshops and many more.
We love our Settlrs
We love our Settlrs and want to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
Settl Sole
We love to stay fit (while chilling, ofc.) Settl organises events like cycling and running marathons to keep you in shape.


Settl has become my second home here in Bangalore.
From their different properties to their services, everything is really impressive. The cherry on top is the events that they plan out for us! Kudos to Settl for a wonderful experience. - Nipun Bindal, Settl Sofia.


Settl was meant to be a temporary 3-month stay until I found a ‘home’ in Bangalore.
These 3 months have been so effortless that I’ve now extended my contract to stay longer than most of my relationships combined. Settl is the new home. - Sharath, Settl Lugano.


I moved to Bangalore 3 months back and Settl has ensured that I don’t feel alone in the city, with its numerous events that not only help you embrace a new city but also make you feel at home. :)
It is the unknown that scares you, the known is always comforting and Settl just does that, comfort and familiarity delivered. - Pranika, Settl Norcia.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the best fully furnished private rooms in sector 51, Gurugram?

Settl is the spot for you if you're seeking for a completely furnished luxury accommodation in Gurugram's sector 51. With extra conveniences like a fully automatic washing machine, routine cleaning, a fully equipped shared kitchen, high speed internet, and a dining and common space, Settl provides premium completely furnished single rooms. You can also choose to eat home-cooked meals produced with top-notch ingredients and proper sanitation.

How much does it cost to rent a private room in sector 51, Gurugram?

Private room rent in Sector 51 is closely correlated with the standard of life and amenities you anticipate. A separate room can run you about 23 K if you're searching for a luxury living experience. Settl provides superior single rooms together with other services. Additionally, you not only have a roof over your head but also a wicked community to socialise with.

Should I rent a private room in sector 51, Gurugram?

sector 51, is one of the popular areas in Gurugram. It is well connected to the rest of the city. This area is in close proximity to sector 46 market and Mall Fifty One. It is one of the best localities to settle in Gurugram. Settl offers a number of fully furnished luxurious private rooms in sector 51. On top of this, you get access to a huge community of some of the coolest people in the town.

What should I choose between local PGs and co-living in sector 51, Gurugram?

If you're seeking a private room at a discounted rate, the neighbourhood PGs can assist you. However, cleanliness and security are generally not upheld. Settl is the ideal spot in town if you're seeking for a luxurious housing choice in sector 51 of Gurugram without sacrificing cleanliness and safety. We support the maintenance of a luxurious lifestyle while offering first-rate amenities.

Why should I rent a Settl private room in sector 51, Gurugram?

Numerous Settlrs adore Settl not just for its luxurious living environment but also for the enormous community we provide. Our weekend activities are a highlight. Our gatherings don't only involve hanging out in one place; you can also meet new people while taking part in exciting activities like paintballing, go-karting, and other things.